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Hi Guys! It's been a while since I logged in but I need to pick your brains (again). Mother usually dresses herself without any assistance (besides needing a hand to hitch up her trousers) but she is finding it difficult (or impossible) to put on a bra. She usually uses some elastic type bras. This morning she was crying as she just could not manage to pull the straps down at the back. She covered up he front with a towel when I arrived to assist and I managed to position the straps for her. Are there any bras available which are easier for disabled women to use?
Hi J,

depends on the disability ! There are front fastening bras which some ladies find easier to use and there are a (fairly) new range of bras which don't have fastenings at all - they can be pulled on over the head or even 'stepped' into and pulled up into position.

I would suggest a trip to a good department store (or even Marks & Spencer) to visit the ladies underwear section. Either will have assistants trained to fit bras for ladies of all shapes and sizes (so you can just sit outside and read the paper, whilst the ladies help Mum !). If they know their job they should also be able to advise on bras which Mum might find easier to put on and take off.

I also found this link for something called a 'bra angel'
The Bra Angel Dressing Aid is a very cleverly designed, helpful device for women who can only make use of one hand, or who struggle with fiddly bra straps, and who would prefer to put their bra on without assistance

http://www.completecareshop.co.uk/dress ... sing-aids/

which might be worth a try ?
I'm not sure from what you say exactly what sort of bras your mum uses, but I have got a couple that I wear that are the easiest ones to put on. They are basically all in ones, with no fastening anywhere and you basically put them on like a crop top, or a short sleeveless T-shirt.
You can get them anywhere - I bought mine at Sainsburys.
Thanks for that. She has the pull on type for a couple of years but now finds them difficult. She feels that the bra angel would be very fiddly - but she might have a go at the front fastening type. Thanks again!
J - those soft 'pull on' ones also come with a front fastening - google "Magic Bra" for links.
as my mother has frequent visits to hospital and needs scan's she started to wear an elasticated bra no metal, no hooks/ eyes just the job for her ...