Carers and hospital

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g.herschel wrote:The main issue with the person we care for entering hospital for what may be a lengthy time is the loss of benefits after the 28 day rules even the carers allowance can stop but we continue to care for them when they are hospitalised ...
It's ridiculous that this happens at all, but we're coming across so many people in this position. Even worse, when it's someone with hugely complex care needs the hospitals simply cannot cope without family input - in some cases this means that the family are at the hospital 24/7. Yet the government (every one of them) assume that the hospitals have enough staff for this, and that they are all suitably qualified for the most difficult cases. Wrong. Just wrong.
Excellent article. Whenever my husband has been admitted to hospital he goes with a copy of his careplan, especially to keep his eczema under good control. Staff often report they don`t have time to deal with it, or that it is a busy surgical ward, but without good skin condition they can`t expect good healing.

Luckily we have had brilliant Consutlants and a GP who arranged for me to be on the ward 8am=8pm as husband`s personal carer. I even assisted one Consultant to remove his stitches as the ward staff were drinking tea in the office....his idea, not mine.

Sometimes i think there would be more sense in talking to a brick wall.xx