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Carers and Debt

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In 1984, just before my husband and I got married, the garage where he was a emchanic closed down leaving him without a job. He could not claim unemployment benefit, so we lived on my salary,which was £200 a month, to pay a mortgage of £147,and we were left with £53 to pay everything else.Times were different then. I was a nurse,and my income was a decent one.
Excalibur You said "...if you aren't getting the support you need...then you need to consider that you are not trying hard enough...or are sending out all the wrong messages."

You are not taking into consideration the fact that for some of us the support is simply not there - no matter how hard you try or whatever message you send out.

Tell me Scally, and be honest here, if they said to you that either you provide the support for your Downs syndrome son or we put him into an old folks home, would you be willing to abandon him to such a fate?

As I have pointed out before my son is getting too old for the Children's Hospice and they are in fact now talking of a cut off date for young men such as my son but there is no other suitable respite for his age group.

We have been fighting to try and get the Adult Hospices to provide services but we have it in writing from Alex Salmond that "..there is no intention to provide services on the Rachel House model for this cohort..."

I am really interested to hear your opinion on this.

Sounds like Mr Salmond needs a short response..."Why not?"
Even shorter annswer Charles my friend - money Image

Eun, I think it's more about the will, and the assumption that it affects only a few people. Even though it's a growing number.

A friend of mine once said: "Never put an accountant in charge of a business." Well now they run the country.
"A friend of mine once said: "Never put an accountant in charge of a business." Well now they run the country."

How true that phrase is Charles. If I had listened to some of the tripe that I had been fed by accountants, my business would have folded years ago. They only see a balance sheet in black and red, there are no grey areas and it's these grey areas that make a business human and approachable.
Running the country is even more 'grey' than any business. We need kind thoughtful human beings in charge, not these faceless 'accountants' who only ever care about balancing the books...........until there's a war/conflict, then they can find obscene amounts of money to fund their obsessions. Image
Pete have you tried 3 for a contract phone?
Hi Nilla,
no I haven't, but our phone shop is trying to get me to change from Orange to "3" as their signal is the best around here. I have a 'pay as you go' with O2 because their signal is good, but they refused me a contract without even discussing it with me first! Credit score is rubbish see, so not interested. Image
As you know we went bankrupt as well and Pauls managed to get a contract from 3 and an Argos card, cant get a proper bank acount though which bugs me, min you banks want fold to get into debt so they make money off them, they know people who have been bankrupt wont go down that route again so thats why they refuse
You went bust a while before me Nilla, so maybe your score is going back up again. After six years the info they hold on you is more or less wiped. It takes another few years to build your score back up again.
Your right though, the banks love us to fall into debt so they can rip us off in interest. Image
I hate banks, they conned me into taking out huge loans for my business, then pulled the rug as soon as I got into trouble, through illness with Jill.

I will look into '3' though, thanks for the tip Jane. x