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Carers and Debt

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Update-I'm currently going through the process of a DRO (debt relief order).
I find the whole thing shameful that as part of the hidden army of carer's that prop up this country you get thrown on the scrapheap in terms of help.
what is a debt relief order??
Hi Mullington,

I had to go bust through Caring for my wife. I had MASSIVE debts and I mean HUGE. I had my own business for over forty years and lost everything, house the lot. My car was old so I could keep that. I felt utterly ashamed at the time, (four years ago now) but the judge and the receivers were so kind to me and said they didn't know how I had survived for so long, what with all I had had to cope with.

Assiecarer, a DRO (debt relief order) is something set up by our British government I believe. I never had any dealings in that direction, so cant really advise. Maybe the Aussie government has something similar, might be worth asking your local debt advise people down under.
im 51, been a carer for 20 years ho retirement fund, will never own a home ( carers cant get loans) though i wouldnt want a loan nowadays. my car is so old like yours. health things we are sposed to get free we dont get
I'm only just get a flavour of the low esteem you must have experienced Pete. The DRO is like mini-bankruptcy. My debt is fairly minor in terms of it's value but I desperately need the monkey off my back. It should be sorted in the next couple of months they say.
Hello everyone

My name is Mandy, until our return to the UK in may 2010 we lived in France ( Dordogne) we planned to spend a year enjoying ourselves and then find work. My husband is Epileptic and now severely uncontrolled.
He spoke perfect french and as for me - useless after 3 years.
The recession hit us too in France and we had continued to pay National Insurance whilst over there. it was a lot more than those living in france.

Andy became critically ill end 2009 and by May 2010 we were penniless, homeless and in debt to the tune of £2500. it doesnt sound a lot but when you only have a car and the clothes in a case and your dog its pretty scary.

We were housed by the Council in leigh because we has still paid into our country. We were badly treated by some because of the divide when brits come home again in crisis.
We both worked full time , never out of work for 30 years +

The debts we had were increasing with high interest. Credit Card !
i contacted a debt recovery agent who firstly put my mind at rest. He sent me a booklet with what is classed as first and secondary debts. Those a judge will pay and those a judge will rule on.
Not everything has to be paid.
You can give yourself some breathing space by sending each company a "Moratorium Letter"
Templates are found in most debt recovery agencies.
This letter says you have little if any income to pay the debt. It asks each debt to withdraw interest and stop letters being sent to you for 6 months at a time.

IT WORKS...........we were given 12 months by the credit comany and by then we were able to start paying it off. No interest was added in that 12 months.
In their booklets it als otells you what is acceptable money to pay our for everything you buy or consumer products. Right down to the alcohol you drink each month.
it gives basic figures of whats acceptable.

DRO Debt Relief Orders are there to help before bankrupsy. Even though it sounds like it.

My experience is that our country is in crisis, its people are all in debt, those who are not should be very careful as you never know..........we have all been there ,esp when the person we care for was main earner. We both lose our income and the benefits agency treat us like pariah-

"there for the grace of god go I "

Mandy kind regards
An update on my latest situation...

I am now in the processing stage of the Debt Relief Order however overnight I have become a second class citizen according to the State. I am not classed as a Carer, according to them I am "unemployed" yet I'm not in receipt of JSA?. Apparently we aren't classed as carer's-it's not a recognised term.

I am also subject to not holding certain positions of public office for one year and cannot hold office as a trustee of a charity or a pension fund. There are also several other banking restrictions imposed on me for a year.

Not that I want to do any of the restricted things above but I am quite angry that because I gave up work to look after a sick relative, and because of the pittance I am paid by the Government, I cannot afford to pay my bank back a poxy consolidated loan for £3000, I am now vilified and stripped of my rights.

The benefits I receive barely keep me ticking over and there is no spare money for the bank.

But who fights our corner as Carer's? Have any legal eagles challenged the Government over situations like mine and others? Surely I've been stripped of some of my human and civil rights?

Caring and debt are intrinsically linked. It surely can't be right that we are penalised for being decent people? My further concern is the legacy of what happens to me after something happens to my relative? I take it I'm just thrown on the scrap heap, blacklisted in terms of credit-unable to move on with my life? At just short of 40 yrs of age I'm not prepared to do that.

So who do I/we challenge? I'd really like to highlight our plight with interested parties and take it to the highest courts if need be.

To be trodden down no longer! Image
Hi Mullington, there are a lot of carers out there in the same boat, if you think of the percentages, only a small amount post on here, meaning there is a lot of carers in poverty and despair that never get heard, we are a forgotten group, and untill the, look at what i got culture changes, we will stay 2nd class citizens. We haven't seen the end of this financial crises, it will take years to change and get the economys of the world back on track. In the meantime the poor and vulnerable will bear the brunt of the cuts. We are entering a frightening time for all sorts of people, i think goverments are only just beginning to realise just how bad its going to get. Take heart in the fact you are not one of those hocked to the eyeballs in pursuit of gadgets and having the big house and car, an awfull lot of people are going to find themselves with no way out. You should take pride in the fact you sorted the problem, and a lot of those who look down on you will soon be overtaking you in the debt burden scales. Good luck.
Really well said Paulingreece! That just about sums it all up in a nut shell.

If I dare to try and get a loan, then I am turned down immediatly without even a hearing! My credit score is sh!te! Even trying to change companies for a mobile phone causes me trouble, even though I have never defaulted on any payment to Orange. Image They just look at my credit score and say NO!! You can only have 'Pay as you go'. Image
I think in these lean times of austerity and insecurity it's simply best to look after yourself and your dearest and nearest. I've never been an insular person but from recent experiences I'm certainly heading down that road now. Hope to see some of you on the other side if the economy ever picks up. Image