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Carers and Debt

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Our time is up in March I thought it was 6 years from your discharge but its fromn your bankrupt date Image I will get something from somehwere like Brighthouse and pay it off in a few months to get my credit rating sorted again
Hi my names verity bounds, I am A single parent carer full time to my daughter who is 7 she is registered as disabled and has nobody but me who is in full control of her care, my daughter is type 1 diabetic high risk, insulin dependent she has stigmatism both eyes hypothyroidism behaviour problems motor skill deficientsys and learning difficulties, her dad dosnt want to know and the only other person my daughter has is my mum her gran but gran won't deal with any of my daughter kylahs meds it's all me, it's a 24/7 job and I wouldn't change it but I find it can be very expensive and very stressful especially at this time of year, kys been I'll since the age of 3 1/2 and I've been doing everything by myself since then, this year has been so hard money wise, I just don't know how we are going to have a proper Christmas with all my money seeming to go on gas bill and kylahs dietary needs, Ky was in reciept of high level disability but with the new stupid heartles rules the government have put on benefits we don't get high rate anymore! I really don't know how I'm going to keep it together over Christmas with no cash I just feel like I've fallen into a deep hole and can't get out, this government has totally ruined our Christmas Image
Hi Verity,

you shure have it hard Gal. Yes this government have certainly ruined a lot of peoples Christmas's! Image
I dont know what to suggest to you, but there are others on here that might have some ideas for you to try.

I wish you the best of luck and hope your Christmas is going to be much better than you think.

Pete Image
There are various discretionary funds available, Verity, I would ask my child's social worker about the http://www.familyfund.org.uk/ for example.
And with her health needs it sounds as though she should still be entitled to the higher rate of DLA - I suggest you give the helpline a ring.
Hi Verity its disgusting with all her needs your daughters benefits have been cut, its happening more and more now and I think all carers are worried about the future I know I certainly am.

Have you appealed the decision to lower your daughter`s DLA rate? If not, I suggest you do so, preferrably with the help of a welfare rights officer from your local council, CAB or carers centre.

Take care
Verity, you need to contact Diabetes UK Careline for their recommendations with this. I have been reading on Facebook about a few parents who are losing their child's DLA.
Type 1 Diabetes is, I believe, one of the conditions that you should be able to receive high care rate for, until a child is 16.You do need to move quickly if you are going to appeal, but it will be worth it if you get in re-instated.
Diabetes is very hard work in a young child, and when the child has other needs too, then it complicates things even more. My elder son has Downs Syndrome and Type 1 Diabetes,and it is very tough trying to balance the two together.

Good luck. x
Verity its disgusting that they have taken your daughters DLA. Please appeal. Your daughter is entitled to receive it. I had that Text Santa on last night and when David Cameron came on hubby changed the channel. He couldnt bear the hypocrisy and neither can i.
You may remember I posted on this subject some time ago. My Mom died last November and I applied for help covering the funeral costs but because I have two siblings I was turned down. I didn't expect the full cost to be covered, just some help with my share. So the full cost fell on them even though they're both in poorly paid jobs and now I owe them my share. I told Step change, the debt charity I could no longer meet the payments on my debt management plan, they have advised I seek a debt relief order (thank god the law has changed re frozen works pensions). I've been told to change my bank yet again since if a credit sweep is routinely done on me Natwest no longer allow bankrupts a basic account anymore. So I'm in the process of getting all the paperwork together but the creditors just don't let up on the threatening letters and phone calls - Step change told me these are the usual tactics and posturing... I'll get to the point lol, I'm just so bloody exhausted of this, worrying about the benefit changes and the health of my daughter. I know I'm one of thousands but what strikes me is that the proposal to pay Universal credit monthly and in a lump is frankly madness. I'm not an idiot or a child but the temptation to pay off debts (or buy fuel and food) when you're up against it will be enormous. It's said it's to encourage good habits for work in the future. Some of us are never going to be in a position to work in the future. I worked full time, I had to stop when my daughter became so ill - that's why I'm in debt now!