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Questions about direct Payments - Carers UK Forum

Questions about direct Payments

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My partner has Dementia and Parkinsons.
Up to now we have coped but Tom is getting worse his mobility is not good and lately he has been having falls which makes it very difficult for us to go out and about. His Dementia is no t good either although he cant cook etc he would be able to manage to do a sandwich (in a fashion prob make a mess) he needs assistance with most things and I am the assistant.

We do get a break from each other when he goes to another carer for a day, its called Adult Placement and it gives me a break and him a chance to mix with the other people there.

I would like to know more about direct payments and what the criteria is to ask for them and what and who you ask about them. Some people at the Alzeimer group we go to are funded with direct payments and have their own PA for so many hours a week, this would be so much better for us as Tom does get shuffled off to different carers and has various people collecting him and delivering him back on his Placement day.

As much info as poss would be very much appreciated thanks
I have a son with severe learning difficulties, who lives alone in a privately rented flat. I'm banned from caring for him full time, due to health problems, but he comes home alternate weekends. His care used to be arranged by Social Services, but there were endless problems which they refused to sort out. So now, the cost of his old care package is now given to me, as a Direct Payment. I arrange his care, partly through an agency, partly through a PA. The agency organise tax etc. for their employees. The PA is paid via a "payroll" company which charges about £15 a month. It's much better, much more flexible. If I want, I can provide care free and use the care money to rent a holiday cottage, a real bonus! First step would be to have an up to date needs assessment for your husband, and a care assessment for you. Then they can cost out "assessed need" and should then offer that amount to you as DP's. Good luck.
Thanks for that information. I too are having problems with social service at the moment my husband goes on 1 day to another carer arranged by ss, this is great and not expensive but if I want an extra day with short notice there is so much effort on my part I wonder if it worth it and I have to ring them numerous times to get the extra day authorised. That's the only time I get to myself I provide 24 hour care.

My daughter helps out, but in April she is 40 and we want to go away together, I never realised that we could not book respite in advance just incase the home get a longer term patient, how unfair is that so if I like a home I can only book it a few days in advance and take pot luck they can accommodate us, I wonder what if they cant my husband will get put anywhere else somewhere I might not like or want him to go, it all seems so unfair and I can imagine very stressful worrying if he will get placed somewhere.

I will make enquiries about the direct payments it might be better for me thanks again
Any Carer should have an assessment yearly by Social Services. I have one and if I require an increase to my Direct Payments, they will arrange it. Also if I need extra equipment for my wife, they will also arrange for this
WE were told that if my severely disabled son and my husband and I as his carers have assessments we will simply be marked down as "unmet need" so what is the point of wasting several hours of our time?