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Carers and Art.

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There are quite a few arts and crafts groups in my area. Have been offered to go along recently but had to decline. I admire the skill , patients and foresight people have , looking at a "blank canvass" what ever it may be and make something beautiful out of it. I really tried hard at school with sewing and drawing etc . Unfortunately the comments from my teachers on my yearly report weren't very positive - yet I was so proud of all the hard work I had put into it :(
What does a person do that has absolutely no "artistic, poetic etc" gene in their body.
As a teenager I lived on a farm. I would gladly spend all day long mucking out a pen, Walkman blaring, in my own little world no people around me. I didn't mind the smell or the dirt. It was sheer bliss. :D
Even now I love gardening-give me a garden to dig over etc- and I am in heaven it's the only way I can switch off. so unfortunately no groups for the likes of me. ;)
Jean, gardening IS an art form. Something beautifully created on the canvas of the earth :D
Absolutely! I always find it very therapeutic too, nothing like an afternoon digging or planting.
I never thought of it that way - then I suppose I am artistic after all- yeayyy!! :D
Myrtle wrote:Arts and crafts always seem to get lumped together, but I suppose that's because there is a definite art to most crafts!
Art, as in painting, sculpture etc. can give a voice to those who would otherwise be unheard :)
I don't think we need to get tied up in semantics here. I love the story of the lady with DS who was rescued by her sister from an institution, and went on to because a successful fine artists: she attended local basketmaking classes and ended up producing stunning masterworks that fetch high prices in galleries and exhibitions. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Judith_Scott
I googled "What is art" and found out all sorts of things. There are "creative arts" and "performing arts". Then I thought about my Bachelor of Arts degree - in Business Studies. Is that because at times accountancy can be regarded as "creative"?!?!