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Carers and Art. - Page 2 - Carers UK Forum

Carers and Art.

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On this subject, my local new Mental Health Unit is also used for art exhibitions that patients and carers have done - this Summer I'm hoping to display some of my son's and mine own paintings. This, I believe is being done in other parts of the country, too Image
Uhm, I couldn't think of a colour that represents 'tired', lol
Uhm, I couldn't think of a colour that represents 'tired', lol
Purple Pamela - as in the colour of the bags under my eyes Image Image Image
Chatting about this,with my chum,Ellie,we felt gardening is an art form.what say you? Image
Talking of art....................they have just started up a carers art class in my area.Will I go? nope, I don't paint, I dont draw, should I go for the fellowship? I think not, why cant they come up with things we need, like a day trip out and someone to look after our carees for a change?
Bumping this thread - just because I can. :lol:
What is "art"? I was useless at art at school, I wasn't even at the back of the queue for drawing, and gave it up as soon as I could. For the next 50 years I said I was useless at art, until I had counselling. I was stunned when the counsellor said I was one of the most artistic people he knew, because I love dressmaking, decorating, wallpapering, making curtains, cushions etc. So what IS art?
BB, I'd say your skills count as 'craft'. Art is by definition, 'useless' !!!!!!! :) (But pretty - I hope!)

PS - I'm like you, useless at art.....but I love 'colouring in' like children do. When my son was little I had a colouring book as well, and we merrily coloured and painted away together. I still find it strangely therapeutic. But I have to have someone else draw the shapes etc, for me to colour in! I envy you being good at dressmaking - at school, I took an entire school year to make an apron, as I recall.....I have no spatial intelligence at all alas, only verbal (as you can tell from my long postings!)
Arts and crafts always seem to get lumped together, but I suppose that's because there is a definite art to most crafts!
Art, as in painting, sculpture etc. can give a voice to those who would otherwise be unheard :)
There you are BB, you're crafty, but not artful.
Perhaps the skill of sewing is the craft, but the "arty" bit comes in the colours, shapes and design? I used to design my clothes from scratch, but then decided I'd rather start with someone else's basic paper pattern as a starting point and then tinker with it. I did a bit more to my skirt last night, the pockets were simple to do, just the waist yoke to fit and turning up the hem left to do, it's already overlocked. I've enough fabric left over to use for a top, but I don't really need a new top for my May holiday so I'll do that later when I've got more time.