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Carers and Art. - Carers UK Forum

Carers and Art.

Share information, support and advice on all aspects of caring.
What place art?.I noted the London Irish comunity have,in the form of paintings,now in a new book of work,expressed the lot of the ecconomic migrant of the 1950s and 60s,comming to the UK etc,in art works.Well,might carers not so-do?.While Im not gifted that way,pity,You,Im sure,Must number some Artists among you?.Might you not think of such a thing?.Carers,expressing the very essence of how it is,in art?.Might be a great release too.?.What say you?. Image
Ode to a Milk Bottle
O, form immortal, form divine
Thou sweet quintessence of space and time
Fairer far than Helen's tears
Are thy immortal, glistening curves,
For when Agamemnon set his sword against Troy's walls
'Twas not to save some common whore
(That self-same Helen Paris stole)
But to return his crystal bottle
The same in which he'd stared of nights
And found strange, mottled opaque lights
As if the Gods were trapped inside.
hi i think your poetic licence has expired Image . the world' shortest poem. rent? ,spent
If I did try to paint much-less draw a picture,"Abstract" it would be,indeed.Im not gifted that-way.I express myself with words,which I love.Words I relish.The gift of them is my great joy."Art" takes many forms.I would not dare to presume my "words" are "Art".Mere "Expression".But,yes,art is a many-faceted thing, Image
Music.A form I love to just chill to.Artistic and very moving too.Music an expression of art.
If I was to paint a picture about Caring, it would be a pretty damn depressing sight to behold.
I cant think of anything but monochrome greys to paint in Image Miserable old bugger ain't I ?
Pete the Paint

You have given me an idea. Carers could start a mood board and post up a colour they feel represents their mood!

Mine would be blue today.


Heres mine Entity. A 'Blue Moon'. I wish Caring came once in a blue moon Image
A carer and worker,oh Im both of them,But worse-still.one of those grumpy old men.Every day,unceasing plodd,its made me,clearly,one misserble sod.
I did not see it,but for this board,the fact is,im an out and out fraud.Utterly gloomy,it has to be said,a dimel carer,quite gone in the head.
Im too much the grump,which aint who i am,trouble is,this forum,is cluttered with spam.
pc jargon the term spam maybe,but what else can one call the posts we see?.Benfits,money,typical gripes,it makes one just grumpy and stone- me,cripes,if i aint just as bad as many i read hear,just as depressing,gosh, near brings-on a tear,for just aint me,not who i am,but just as i said it,all clutter,all spam.negative vibes that just bring you down,what we need here,the jester,the fool,the clown,humor to lighten the endless gloom,the sad sad posts which alltoo soon,can become the staple the typical fare,the standard content,just too much despair.
so hears a plea for cheery news.lets have some positive jolly views.
it aint so bad,theres allways a light,at tunnels-end it can be real bright,here endeth me stanza,not a moment too soon,fore i only add to that dreadfull gloom,by reflecting how down some posts can be,so before the brickbats,off i flee,,,,see ya.
Image Image
Very good Maxi and so true!

Here's a photo I took in Dawlish of a Black Swan. His colour matches my mood. Image Image