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Don't know if you remember me. I have been striving for 10 years to get my Alex a job. Up untill now he has been on the books of the disability officer in the job centre. He is currently doing a work placement in a horrible supermarket where all the alcoholics buy their cheap booze. I was told this was the only available place that would offer to take people like Alex. He needs to be on the placement to find out his strengths (hello, he's been with you 10 years, how long do you need). I'd had enough and thought |I'd try Remploy who are an organisation that search for jobs for the disabled and give them the tools they need to succeed. What a difference. Tomorrow he has his first interview with a major chain store. The best thing is there is no begging involved as this chainstore has gone to remploy asking for potential Chtristmas staff. Wooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhh. I am so pleased, it may even result in a part time job. Can I encourage anyone out there who is in a job search not to give up. If your not happy with whoever is dealing with you go somewhere else.
I seriously hope he has not been used as cheap labour by that supermarket for 10 years.
oh sharon i could feel your excitment for Alex. I do wish him well, they will be very lucky to be able to employ him and i am sure he will be a credit to his employers.

good luck Alex. Image Image
My boy started his first proper job yesterday - a few hours a week in a local printers shop, supported by an ESF funded project worker. He's only 16, and attends college three days a week; and I have no idea how it will pan out, but it is a foot in the door anyway. First impressions are that it went quite well. And he gets paid - so this morning I got a call from college at 10:00 saying he hadnt shown up - spending his money on a video game in the local shopping centre was what he was up to! He turned up to college eventually a few minutes later... but he clearly likes having some cash and a bit of independence.
Kids eh!! Image