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Carers Allowance help.

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I've been caring after my mum for the last 4 years and have been receiving Carers Allowance for it. Last month they have stopped it because I earn to much from my other income. I worked out that I do earn about £5pw to much from my part time Tesco job, and will be dropping a few hours to make it under the £100 limit. I also get £72 a month for disability allowance, I'm wondering does the £72 disability allowance also count towards the total earnings of the £100 limit that there is for Carers Allowance??

DLA is not included when assessing income for other benefits although receipt of DLA/AA can lead to the addition of a disability premium in means-tested benefits, I hope that this helps.
Be sure to get in touch with the Carers UK helpline. When working out whether or not you are eligible for CA, some things are discounted from your total income, but I can't remember the full details. The DWP CA helpline is nowhere near as good as Carers UK's own forum. I was £50 per week better off after I spoke to them. and very grateful.
I agree with the above. DLA is a non means tested benefit so it doesn't matter what you earn you will still receive this. Carer's Allowance is however means tested and therefore your earnings are taken into account. I would really suggest that you get a benefit check done. Your local CAB can do this or, if your mother is of pensionable age, call the Pension Service and they will arrange a home visit to do this for you both. It's such a minefield, but the other folks that have commented are right - get it checked out. Good luck.