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Carers' Allowance and Reforms

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After 29 years of caring my daughter died just 8 weeks ago. This week the Carers'Allowance finished and I visited my JobCentre today to sign up for Job Seekers Allowance as I had been instructed to do by the Pensions Service until I feel ready to work. The Pensions Service had been through my financial and family status twice in the past 4 weeks. However, carers are not entitled to Job Seekers Allowance based on their Class 1 contributions from Carers' Allowance. This is because it is a 'credited' contribution and not an 'earned' contribution. I was told that I would have to exist on my limited savings. This is just yet another injustice for Carers and needs to be amended and I will be writing to the government.

just this week in newcastle we have had reported in our local paper that a family who have lived in states for several years have been kicked out as they did not have green cards yet it was reposted that the husband is now living on J.S.A. so how can he get it but the likes of me and you cant.
My heartfelt sympathy and sincere condolences to you on the loss of your daughter.
Thinking of you, and thank you so much for posting this information.
Thank goodness you have some savings, what would happen if you didnt have any?
My condolences and my prayers are with you at this time of loss of your daughter.
Hi Annbell.
First and foremost I am sorry to hear of your loss.
Then you get humiliated by them checking your financial position it's all wrong how do these people that have never worked get benefits I know some cant ever work but there are a lot that can and just wont.
If you had not been careful and saved and you didn't have anything then you would have got some form of benefit ie something like income support it's not worth trying to save for a rainy day the government think less of you.
Go and have a good time ie holiday's drink and be merry then when your saving have gone plead poverty and then you may get some help.
Those in power have no idea what a carer and there Carree's go through and at the end of it only worry and sorrow that's all we get.
A very annoyed carer.
Kind regards John.
I'm so sorry to hear about your dear daughter and very angry you were treated like that - whatever happened to compassion Image

Paula xx
I am so sorry to hear of your loss and then to face the problems that you are now going through. There is no justice in this world for carers at all Image
Hello Annebelle, Very sorry to hear of the loss of your daughter. This is a shameful way
for this government to treat you at this very difficult time.

recently Saga Magazine did an interview with Ivan Lewis the Government minister in charge
of Care Services. He has been involved in numerous consultations at various venues etc
over the past few weeks. Below is an address that was published in this months Saga magazine.

Ivan Lewis
Carers Consultation,
Department of Health
79 Whitehall,

Take Care
Cheryl xxx
Annbell, I am very sorry to hear about your daughter.

As far as the benefits are concerned, this sort of thing often happens: they should have told you to claim income-based JSA, which is basically Income Support and not based on contributions. As long as your savings are under a certain amount, you should be entitled to something. But it is very rarely offered.

And they may be wrong about the Carers Allowance thing regarding contributions: I know that Carers Allowance credits CAN be counted for Incapacity Benefit under certain circumstances - best get it checked at a welfare rights or carers centre - I don't have the necessary manuals here and I would not want to point you in the wrong direction. But I have to say I am increasingly unimpressed at the level of competence in the Jobcentres.
Annbell, I am so sorry to hear about the loss of your daughter.

I'm sure they are wrong about you not being able to claim Job Seekers Allowance. The following is copied from the Direct Gov website:

.....Carer's Allowance and National Insurance contributions
For each week you receive Carer's Allowance you will normally get a National Insurance (NI) contribution added to your NI record up to the tax year in which you turn 60 (unless you are a woman who has chosen to pay reduced rate NI contributions).

You will also normally be credited with an NI contribution for any week you are entitled to Carer's Allowance but it is not paid because you are also getting Widow's Benefit or Bereavement Benefits at the same or higher weekly rate.

The award of Class 1 NI credits safeguards your right to certain benefits such as State Pension, contribution-based Jobseeker's Allowance and Incapacity Benefit..........

I would strongly suggest you contact an expert benefits adviser about this.

I wish you all the best