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carers allowance

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I ve just read an article few years old about carers it states "all" carers are unmarried woman in their late 50`s and are quite happy to care for elderly parent at home .
thats ok but how times have changed we have married men and woman with children giving up spare time even if its just to keep an eye on elderly relative through to the family who take in or move in with elderly parent or parents to care for them also one partner may even give up work to care for family member some people often say carers are just "protecting" their inheritance but as we all know you often end up selling house to pay for care

in my case i gave up work to care for my father as my mother did not want him in care home he was p.o.w for 5 years and no way would we put him in care home that was in 1997 he passed away 2006 now i have to care for my mother iam 56 (aug 2nd not one card) like many carers my main worry is what happens when iam on my own????????????
iam not unwell but neither am i very fit will government look after me as a carer you lose track of friends and even family they all pop round but not to help if my mother was rich maybe who knows

when i first started caring i knew cash would be a problem but you set a target and stick to it but as time go`s by your cash runs out and you end up on skid row well to be honest iam not poor but you know what iam getting at my own money has been used for my parents benefit when H.M GOVERNMENT should have had their hand in their pockets
hmm interesting as most carer's i know don't fall into that cataogory i myself was albeit unmarried at first but i was 17 and had to drop out of college as my mum had cancer thankfully she recovered from that and my caring role has changed and changed over the years.After leaving home and just being there for appointments etc i went on to have my children the younger two have 'disabilites' so they were the main focus for my care while i became carer for my mum inlaw and then mum had a stroke so at 25 i was a carer for two adults and had 3 children to care for not considering the extra needs of the youngest.
As for benefit how do they justify you can only get carers for one person?
I agree with that carers allowance should be given the carer twice or three times if a carer is a carer three times. I am a carer of two boys. If they do not want to give it out twice they maybe they should give it to my daughter who is classed as a young carer instead.

If my children were foster they would be paying out nearly £800 to the foster parent.
Hi all,

I totally agree with everybody on this subject, also I've been caring for my husband 24/7 since February of this year & because we haven't got the middle rate of DLA I dont get carers allowance even though my husband can't do anything we have had to appeal but trying to prove mental health & PTSD is really difficult sometime I feel like saying to them well you swap places with me for a week or two & tell me then whether or not I have the right to carers or not!!!!

Take care Deb x
I know foster parents do a good job but thats what it has become a job in Newcastle ive seen adverts for foster carers at £425 per child and you can still hold down a job without your foster carers money being affected