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Carers Allowance

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Big moan about Carers Allowance. Image It’s time that the Government paid a realistic amount to Carers! Not only do we deal with the everyday cooking, cleaning, washing etc for the people we love and care for, we also deal with sorting out financial affairs, personal care and constantly chasing up Doctors, District Nurses and hospitals for test results as well as trying to run our own home too. I had a job but lost it because of the constant time off to take my Mum to hospital appointments and caring for her when she had a 'flare up' of her illness, I (like many others) now have to try to exist on £80.00 per week – any savings I had are long gone. The way the Government treats Carers is as if we're scroungers. I would love to work and be able to get out and have just a few hours of normality, but even if I could get a part time job, what employer would tolerate someone having to constantly take time off for illness & medical appointments. It's hard enough at times being a Carer and not having a life (don't get me wrong here, I don't resent anything I do for my Mum, just fed up with the way others seem to think that Carers don't 'work') without having the money worries which come with it. Sorry, rant over.
I don't think anyone here disagrees, Siobhan. The government appears to have multiple personalities where carers are concerned.

That's the polite version. Image
i'm very lucky,i have the employer of the year,i go back to hinckley to drive a taxi on the pretense that i can't turn up every week,i offered to leave because i felt i was messing him about but he told me i wasn't messing him about and then paid half my badge fee to help me out.this country is a joke,it's as if they want to make it so difficult for you to work and care,in the end you give up.
cant argue really with anything in your "rant"

this country is frankly keep the rich richer and the poorer poorer, id always wondered what the goverment would do is the shoe was on the other foot, maybe its time they took time out and done a week what we do...with the wages,benefit we get and see how well they cope.

they,ve got there fancy cars and houses paid for by us,nannies and personal housekeepers. every time polling time comes around in my area, the knock on the door, gets swiftly followed by a rant about the state of benefits and tax followed by a slam of the door shut!! Image
Yep,yep,yep,but what choice do we have?Can we go on strike?No.Can we get a better job?Yes....but at the cost of leaving the care of those we love to somebody else....and that can have it`s own cost not only in monetary terms.So basically we are stuck.But,looking on the bright side.....er.........um......well if there is a bright side let`s look on it.I suppose i tolerate being treated like a skivvy by the state because i am not treated like a skivvy by my parents,and because i made a conscious decision to do this,but many carers have the situation thrust upon them.Would love there to be an answer,but we are unlikely to get much more from the state so just have to make the best of things.At least we get something,in many countries there is nothing.Ho hum. Image Image Image
Carers allowance FAILS on two fronts,in my view.

EVERYONE,I guess,who knows the rate,knows its pathetic.It just is an insult.

The pathetic level of earnings carers who work,YET CARE for well over 35 hours a week,can earn before they cannot get that pathetic carers allowance,is sick.

But,it will never change while carers are not in anyway vocal enough,in a society which only hears and respects the LOUDEST.
Carers allowance rates are an embarrassment to this country.

I care for my husband 24/7 - his care is very specialist due to it being a terminal neurological disease with tracheostomy care, complete immobility, no speech etc and on ventilator. Specialist hospital/hospice with 24 hour nursing care for him would be at least £4,000 per week - I do it for £50 ish a week which gets deducted from income support which in itself is a pittance. So I guess I do it for free!!!

Trouble with this is that we CARE and thats why we do it.
We live in a Democracy,and in a Democracy we get to elect our Politicians,and in order to get elected they have to win our votes,so they offer us things they hope will get them elected.What works best.....promising tax cuts.So nobody wants to pay any more than they have to.Sensible,but without money in Government coffers services cannot be paid for.Tell the public they can pay less tax and they will vote you in.Tell the public they need to pay more tax so that carers can have a bit more and you don`t get elected.The weak are here to justify the strong......but the way i see it,the weak may not inherit the Earth,but we will at least be able to say we did it our way.........because we had to. Image
we all know what happens when you let people vote,have you not watched the x factor,the winner is rubbish and the runners up do well,so if the electoral committee did this we'd be better off,sorted!
Oh dear.In theory we elect the government.BUT,many who vote,NEVER have their views reflected in terms of mps in parliament.The system being as it is,The VERY narrow difference between Labour and Conservative and Liberal Democrats,polices,aimed as they are,at pandering to that often trumpeted group,"Hard Working families who do the right thing",(Code for middle-England Mondeo man/woman,on average income with 2.4 kids)leaving NO representation that reflects other groups,(Carers being but one such excluded group) No political party having a raft of policies that lift carers out of poverty and despair,the fact is theres no representation for carers in our government or opposition.

NOT all of us vote for the three main parties,YET,only these three parties ever get into office.

Carers are not a big bombastic vocal group.They have NO Trade union to represent their,OUR,interests.

WE are ALL not on the radar of ANY political party.So,theres no drive or credible push for change,the pathetic,disgusting,insulting level of progress shows me that.

Carers allowance,a pathetic figure,Babysitters get more for a couple of nights work,for Gods sake!.
The earnings a carer is allowed to earn and Still get carers allowance,its just sick.Theres no party of the main three players with ONE policy to change that!.

We are not important or loud enough.