carers allowance

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i applied for carers allowance a few weeks ago, they have been in touch with my boss etc, and i was just wondering how long it usually takes to process. thanx
From posting documents they needed to actually recieving my 1st payment it took just under 4 weeks for me.
claimed it for two years from then,took 3.5 weeks as i recall,seems about that now too,so my carers group tell me.on average.
Weeks, not months, in my experience.
And dont forget that working carers can deduct expenses like child-care or respite, pension payments, tax and NI, and travel expenses, so the real earnings threshold is way above the apparent £100 limit. If you earn £100 a week or more after deductions, but less than £200 per week, consider the potential benefits of opting into a private pension plan and/ or employing someone to provide some respite care, spending this extra money can often give you more to live on each week and even build up a nice little nest egg for the future.