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Carering and Working

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Local college courses might also be worth a thought. Chance to get out and about, meet like-minded people. You are entitled to a social life, friends, a night out, you know. If you are not getting the chance to meet with other folk your own age, then you really might need to have a chat with your social worker and your mum: yes her needs are important, but so are yours. http://www.yale-wrexham.co.uk/page.php?ContentID=90
thanks. i have been to yale collage and they are pretty hopeless. part of the reason why i left the collage when i left school.

i have not got a social worker and have never seen one let alone been offered one. i would not know where to start. i have contacted the open uni via email to see what they say. i have typed in on the net free courses but not much turned up that interested me.
As far as getting a social worker goes, this is what you do:

Find the telephone number for Adult Social Services. Get yourself comfortable before you start phoning (empty bladder, have diary, tissues, pen & paper to hand).

Keep ringing until it gets answered. If put on hold, don't hang up, no matter how long it takes.

Once you've got through, ask for a carer's assessment for yourself, and an assessment for your mum.

Keep chasing that up until the assessments actually happen.

After the assessment, unless the assessor thinks that there's nothing that can be done for you, your case file will usually be passed to a social worker.
thank you. i will ring. mum has had an OT assesmeant to asses what she need around our home like over bath shower etc. when mum was in hospital they denied mum a social worker because i was living with mum. when mum had her OT assesmeant the women how come ot said we could put them on the d.l.a form apart from that not a word from social services. Image

found out that mum has distolic heart failure today and will progess to systolic heart failure so she will have both sometime because of her health problems:(
Sianie,have you thought about starting up a business,walking dogs?I can see your beautiful picture, your dog looks the image of one we used to have..It may not be an option for you,it was just a thought.
Sorry to hear the bad news about your Mum.

So sorry to both you and your Mum. I know I say this a lot on here but I wish I could find something useful to say that could help you both right now.

I am looking at something to do when my Youngest Daughter starts special needs secondary come September and Lazydaisy is right... perhaps start walking dogs, something that you enjoy, gets you out in the fresh air. I don't have a pet dog myself but I have heard that dog owners tend to meet other dog owners during walks through parks and have cultivated friendships that way too.

Open Uni courses are fun too. Try an Opener's course - they're very gentle, you get a lot of support by your tutor via 'phone or email and it's a great way of gradually easing your way back into studying.

thanks. my dog in the picture billy died when i was little but miss him sooooooooo much as he was my best friend. i would like to walk dogs thr fresh air but as things our i dont thinki can leave mum. i am sooooo scared something happening to mum when i am not here. just feel alone with this and i know it progress to the right side which is were she gets atrial fribrillation Image if you read my post in the carees health problems you will find the full story. thank you for the lovely thoughts Image
Hi sian, what about ringing your local carers centre to see if they have any courses on offer and look on your council website to see if they're any free courses, also enquire at carers centre social worker....or lack of one, dont know if they can do anything.......sorry not much help. i was admiring your lovely dog, certainly was a beautiful boy, take care mandy
I think you have described your situation very well, and I hope you can find a little time to dream about the kind of things you want to do in future, and talk to social services about them. You do have a right to a life of your own, relationships, fun, a career. And there are ways to get these things without being mean to your Mum - by getting some help and backup. It isnt ever easy, you need to stick at it, but you have taken the first step by coming here anyway. And caring wont last for ever, it never does: we all need to plan for the future.