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So, Tony, it's just a question of how we all assemble this one big canon and get it to fire very quickly?
Thats the big question pysie Image

All the best Tony Image
I just read the story and feel really sad can't believe that yet another Carer suicide and one of a child makes it more unbearable to think about. What this little girl must of been going through and what her poor family are now having to go through just makes me feel upset and annoyed that there is just not enough put in place to support Carers.

Last week the 18 year old daughter of a family we know committed suicide, her funeral was today and her boyfriend after the funeral also did the same thing. The really sad thing is that they both have left behind a 11 week old baby. She had attempted twice before and was not taken seriously, she was given a questionaire to fill out and there was no follow up treatment. Her Mum had concerns for her daughters state of mind, so her doctor said that he would refer her to a Psychiatric nurse, this was in March and well its May and still no appointment has been sent, sadly its too late now! Another case that could of been prevented!

My thoughts and prayers are with all the families that are suffering... Image
[quote]Dear pysie]

CUK are a large cannon with the ability to be as much use as a small water pistol
Dear Charles]http://www.carersuk.org/images/icon_question.gif[/img]

All the best Tony. Image
Dear Tony, I tend to agree with Pysie - we have the makings of a large voice with PRTC and Carers UK: at one time, Carers UK was two separate charities and they merged. You never know.

Pysie, on here I represent me - nobody else. I don't have the right - but in this case I felt the need to give a different view to Tony: the hard part is not finding somebody to represent us, the hard part is getting the politicians and their staff to listen.

Wildthing's view about Carers UK is not, I know, unique. But let's face it, Carers UK and PRTC have managed to get some changes. The task is huge and we will only ever see change in small steps. UKCarers have not changed anything and have become more of a protest group than a serious organisation - but they're blaming the wrong people when they attack Carers UK and PRTC. It's the ones who don't actually listen that are the problem.

Saw this on the Carers UK site, following the news of this poor child's death - Ive taken only a couple of paragraphs of the whole thing:

"Carers UK has been calling for joined-up action on behalf of the UK’s 175,000 young carers since 2004 when it published one of largest studies on young carers. This showed that a fifth of young carers and their families received no external support other than young carers’ projects. More than a quarter of young carers of secondary school age were experiencing problems at school.

"Carers UK believes that the Carers Grant, which provides support for many young carers, should be extended beyond 2008. But it warned that in the long term the real threat to young carers is the persistent under-funding of social care. Tightening eligibility criteria for services means that fewer elderly and disabled people are receiving support. This has a devastating impact on the life chances of their carers."

All of which is true.

We should all be working together. In-fighting only helps the ones who count the money.
At one time the Sufferagettes were only a protest group.
It is all very well 'calling' for change, but if it is only seen by the people who already know we need change then it is not a "Big canon". I asked on the old forum board why CUK has such a low profile but did not get a satisfactory answer. Where were the 'big names' from CUK or PRTC decrying this scandal in the media?
Actions speak louder than words Image
Dear Charles: ukcarers may be a protest group but atleast they are protesting,i saw nothing in the press from any of the national carer charities about that poor girls suicide, when things like that happen they should be some of the first groups to be in the media shouting their heads off, the more noise the better.I am affraid that i use to think that the way to get things done was to be polite and not rock the boat too much but i have changed my mind over the many years that i have seen nothing really change, it is time that carers voices were really listened to.Many people do not have the time to wait another twenty years to get another fifty pence on their carers allowance, many people do not have the time to wait for some respite before they cannot handle it anymore, more children will commit suicide before anything is done, if we all sit back and just go along quitely then the government will love it, i am sure that the two biggest carer charities could arrange days of protest or vigils, most of the big charities organise things like that to some degree, these charities should be in the media all the time, animal charities are in the media and on bloody TV all the time, are we saying that animals are more important than young children and adults, i dont think so.
I have never said that these groups have not done some things but they need to do much much more, after all some of them do get paid, groups like clives do this with no financial support whatsoever, they work from their heart, soul, and guts to get carers more recognition, people should be praising groups like clives not harrasing him and shutting him out.On ukcarers you can speak your mind without the fear of being reprimanded or being chucked off the forum, that freedom is worth alot and should be cherished by all carers, we need to fight the government in a more direct and visible way, we need more action and less talk from the big charities that is all i am saying.

All the best Tony
Hi everyone

Carers UK has made a statement about the young carer issue on the website here
http://www.carersuk.org/Newsandcampaign ... 1178805136

A couple of you have mentioned the seeming lack of response in the media from either PRTC or Carers UK. In actual fact the reason this is a big press story is entirely because of the PRTC. They will have brought this story to the attention of the media and worked with the journalists to supply the young carer case studies to the media. This is often how charities work, supplying the story but not always being visible, it depends on the journalists and how much they are prepared to "plug" the charity concerned.

Carers UK has in the past done lots of research and campaigning to bring the issue of young carers to the fore. However Carers UK believes that 'young carers' is a very different issue to adult carers. We recognise it is a children's issue and we therefore support and back the work of charities like Barnados and NCH who do lots of work around young carers and of course the PRTC who run hundreds of young carer projects across the UK.

Matt Hill
Carers UK
The guy called Clive was on Border news and Lookaround (local news tv) during the week there, they were saying about how popular his website is..........Lesley
Well said ozzysmum, clives site is very good and it is a wonderful site that some people try to put down because he does not follow establishment rules, surely if he can get on TV so can the big groups who are funded Image Why would a journalist not want to say where he got a story from or from what source unless he was asked not to give that imformation away, it just seems strange to me but i knew that at some point i would be getting told off for saying things on this subject.
Carers issues are carers issues, it does not matter weather it is a child or an adult with the problem, if a group is called carersuk then it should be dealing with all carer related problems,otherwise we will have the situation where we will have groups only for carers who are left handed or carer groups for carers who are amputees, the mind boggles, thats one of the reasons things hardly ever change, things are too diluted so become weak, as i have said and i will say again, one big group is better than lots of small groups but sadly the big groups do not want outside help . As for being polite and not causing offense, what has been said that makes you have to write that note matt, people have only been telling the truth and if you cannot say that you think that social workers are rubbish and should not be able to look after animals then it must now have become a dictatorship we now live in and not a democracy.

All the best Tony Image Image Image