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Today in the mail newspaper is the story of a child carer who committed suicide, she had been looking after her mother who is terminally ill for four years, where were the bloody social services or the child welfare department or their GP and what were they bloody well doing, sitting on their arses as usual saying things like its not my problem its there problem, just passing the buck, this poor child.
This all on the day that Tony Blair was spouting out all his wonderful achievements to his followers, he said that this country was more wealthy than when he came to power, the NHS was better, there is less poverty, no more elderly people dieing of hypothermia in the winter months, if he thinks that britain is better after ten years of his leadership when we have children killing themselves because they have been left alone to care for their sick parent then he is a, i would like to swear but dare not because some careruk person may tell me off, if i met him i would tell him he is a disgrace and should be ashamed of himself and his government.
Beverly Hughes, the minister for children is supposed to of said that there are too many children who have been left alone to care for their sick parents, its her bloody fault the silly cow, she should resign from her job in disgrace.
I am not a very religous person but lets all say a prayer for that poor child who is dead and also for her poor mother who is dieing is now left to grieve for her daughter.
This story just proves to me that this country has got all its priorities wrong, children killing themselves is Tony Blairs legacy, thats his big achievement.
God has now gained another innocent angel, i bet her mother wishes she was with her now, may god bless them both and watch over them, Amen:

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That little girl was called Lianne.
The child lived about 20 miles from where we live the full story is very sad.
They say it was a cry for help.
So So Sad. God bless her a very brave little girl and so caring.
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Hello Tony,
Well written - social workers just couldn't give a **** about carers they are all consumed with their own power. If you stand back and peel away the layers we are still in the 60's 70's. nothing has changed. My son's social worker isn't speaking to me because I told her she works at a snails pace, great isn't it, she is there to represent my son and I and she refuses to communicate with me all because I refused to stroke her very big ego.
What annoys me about the system is the 'closed shop' syndrome. The fact a child carer has killed herself will mean nothing, they will not lose any sleep, they will to be busy covering their own backs. Image Image
Hi, Tony and John,

I am horrified, and I am so, so angry!!!!

I emailed my local MP (Conservative) to ask whether he was going to support Barbara Keeley's (Labour) bill - 'Carers (identification and Support) Bill' which might have introduced legistlation to pick up on this girl's problems and offer her support. In his reply he acknowledged the Bill would help young carers but wrote, 'I am reluctant to support it at this stage as it contains many un-costed measures'. I have no time for either party or, indeed, for any political party. None of them is interested in REAL people and the problems they face - they are only interested in keeping themselves in parliament, and in toeing 'the party' line!!!

So it's all down to money again. And we are one of the richest and 'most successful' nations in the world. And this happened on the day it was announced that a wing of Norwich Prison should be demolished as 'unfit for human habitation' and re-built. Just ask those prisioners if they would be prepared to live in sub-standard accommodation for the time it takes to pay off their debt to society if the money they saved the government was spent saving the life of a child.

Here Here!

I have made my views clear on another Carers Forum, so I shall repeat it here as it makes me feel so sad and angry - Tony you really have the courage to speak your mind - well said!

The report is just so sad, it is challenging enough as an adult, but for a child to take on the responsibility of caring is twice as hard, they try their best where are the powers that be in all this, "Support for Carers not acceptable, in some cases" - what about the tragic life that is cut short by the demands of Caring, due to the fact that support is unacceptable? I thought that child labour was something that existed in Victorian times and was illegal nowadays?

What really upsets me about reports like this is that I can empathise and know what young Carers are going through - but it is worrying as they are the invisible Carers as a lot of Carers are, I can't imagine how they can negotiate with Officialdom, who don't take adults seriously and are all too eager to try and bully people, it must be so difficult for Young Carers, that and the fact of whether they are physically and emotionally able to take on the role that Caring entails - it just makes me feel so sad, that nobody cares - I think that these Carers only want to keep their famillies together, and I hope that Carers like these, and indeed any Carer receives the care and support that they are rightfully entitled to, but somehow I think that hell will freeze over before this happens.

It is such a tragedy for the whole family, I just hope they find comfort & peace of mind
All the organisations that claim to represent carers and child carers have this little girls death on their hands, they argue amongst each other and really dont care what happens, tthey are the mouth pieces of government, social workers are the scum of the earth, they believe its their way or no way, half the social workers i have ever met are morons who i would not let look after a cat let alone children or the elderly.
Does anyone remember the victoria kolumbia case, the little girl had been tortured for months and the social worker knew that the girl was in danger but did not enter the premises because as she had said in a statement, the little girl was infested with lice, what an exscuse, because of that the little girl had ciggarettes stubbed out on her and had been made to eat her own excrement, what happened to the social worker, nothing whatsoever, the little girl died but the social worker kept her job, its bloody typical.
As i have said before, untill we get an organisation that really speaks up for carers nothing will get done, talking to the government does nothing, we need to show the government this sort of thing cannot carry on, we need an organisation with teeth and the will to confront ministers and government depts.

All the best a very sad and fed up Tony. Image Image Image Image
My god, it's 2007 and this sort of thing is happening - it's a total disgrace. I started caring at 24 and found it a struggle, how children cope with it I just don't know. I expect the relevant agencies will all spout the usual "lessons will be learnt from this tragedy" speech - sadly they never are Image

My heart goes out to her and her family Image

Paula xx
There have been too many carer suicides - of all ages.

And MP's talk about "un-costed" proposals.

Do they not understand that the real cost is too much to bear?
I have felt so down today after seeing that story that i have poored myself a stiff drink,sadly by tommorro the story will be old news and the social workers and organisations will say lets have a conference about this and a talk about that and lets do a survey or lets send out a questionare all a load of B------S why dont the charities and organisations just tell the government what carers need and want, there affraid that is why, they dont want anybody stepping on their toes.
Can you imagine if all these carer organisations got together and then fought the government, the results might be better but that will never happen because these groups do not want help from outside their own cosy little empires, they might loose their cosy jobs and pensions thats why.
I think that we need one national organisation for all carers be they adults or children, that way the numbers would mean something and also have some clout when it comes to talking to the government, most of these groups act in such a polite way it is a joke, it is time to take the gloves off. Bless all you carers out there who are doing a wonderful job, iraise my glass to all of you, you are all heroes in my mind.

All the best, a verry P----D O-F Tony. Image Image Image Image Image Image