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Carer snooping

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I come home, carefully open my bedroom door and see that someone has been in my room. I trap the door every morning, so I can tell if it's been opened. So what the **** were they doing in my room when it is out of bounds? What were they looking for exactly? And I have to talk to this carer, be polite to her as they have enough trouble trying to cover hubby's package, knowing the buggar has been in my room. All the while i just what to chuck her out and say never come back, knowing that she is going to be back in a couple days time. Better lock up everything. How dare she? Why don't these people seem to have any bloody idea of right and wrong. Honestly feel like I've lived in a parallel universe until now, mixing only with decent and morale people and now, any old muck is sent to our home. It sucks. Sorry, just needed to get that out.
You really need to sit down and calmly ask her why she was in your room and explain that your room is out of bounds, if she does again then report her.
If someone else went into my private area that I had specifically said they were not allowed to I would be furious.

I hope you can work it out
hi, I had the same problem with a 'Crossroads' carer.
Not a pleasant feeling at all.
I would have a quiet word with the carer just to let her know you are aware of her snooping and that you can tell if she has been where she shouldn't.
We are all very vulnerable when it comes to outside help.
Lil r - I personally think it is important that you are concerned that someone had been in your own private space (may sound harsh but even though you know that no-one else could have been in the room, as you didn't "catch" her there you have no proof). I'm afraid I would also go straight to the agency and tell them of my concerns too. You are perfectly within your rights not to have that individual back in to your home. It is down to the agency how they handle that situation.

No-one should have the worry of this on top of all the caring issues that you are dealing with day on day.

Bell x
report it
It never stops, LilR.
My little room is the only space which is totally mine (apart from the little gallery upstairs). It's hard enough having to share our lives/husbands/families with PAs, is there nothing left which we can keep secret and to ourselves?
And doing that thing to your door? I do that, too. I thought I was silly doing that (I put the little bedside cabinet behind the door, put my hand round the door to pull it closer and shut the door through the little gap that's left. Only I know that when I open the door, it'll bang on the bedside cabinet. Only I know how to open MY door without that happening). I thought I was going mad at doing that.

It's the golden, sacred rule in our boogaloo, nobody goes into my little room and nobody goes upstairs (apart from family, you know). How you stop it????? YOU DON'T! You can tell and tell and tell and tell people, if they want to go in then they will, doesn't matter what you say. Other than putting a lock on the door, but why the hell should we have locks on internal doors?

Sorry, Fran is cross again, cos I know just what it feels like. I even put my mothering sunday cards and birthday cards in my little room, instead of having them out on show. Fed up with everyone snooping and asking questions about my life. Aren't you, too?
we having a cleaner and my bedroom out of bounds
So are our little rooms, but it mesans naff all.
Suggested this somewhere before.Get an alligator.
Care workers. Assistants.

I, as a carer, ould never snoop into someones perivate room.s