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Panic Alarms?

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I've decided to find a panic alarm for my home. Husband has now fallen twice, he cannot get up by himself, and I've only found him in the morning after he's been down on the ground for some number of hours. (He is up all night, and like most people I am asleep.)

I need a wired system which has a button thingee husband can carry in his shirt picket - with a bell or alarm that will ring in the house when he needs me. Wireless will not work between our home and his workshop (glorified shed), otherwise I could probably just use a wireless doorbell system.

I've done a Google search and there are so many different systems my head is spinning. I thought if anyone else has a similar system they might be able to cut what looks like days of web shopping research down for me.
Local authority provided ours.In 3 years my mam only used it once but just the peace of mind it gave was worth it.

Her phone was linked to central control, and she had a pendant for round her neck.
Hi Stacey

It might be worth contacting your local authority social services department and asking about assistive technology, they may well be able to supply you with a suitable alarm at no cost to you.

Sorry, did not see your post, Rosemary, one of those mornings where I keep being called.
Sorry, did not see your post, Rosemary, one of those mornings where I keep being called.
No worries Annie,I have done it myself many a time too Image Image
Hi Stacey

Carers UK has a booklet called Support for carers - a guide to telecare. You might find it useful. If you would like a copy send me a PM with your full name and postal address and I'll get one sent out to you.

In the meantime you might also find this page on our website useful: http://www.carersuk.org/Information/Hel ... g/Telecare

Hope this helps.

We had alarm for STAN via Newcastle city council it "COST " £28 per month we never used it apart from false alarms but the one time the old doll did use it what a joke i was knackered i had 2 bad nights with STAN no sleep and during the day STAN was very ill so again i was knacked i went to bed at about 19-00 as did STAN that was it i was out like a light but at 20-30 STAN fell out of bed the old doll sent for the helpers via the alarm they were only half mile from our home in Gosforth ten minutes and they were on the job the 2 BIG MEN asked for our hoist to lift STAN back into bed no hoist so they refused to lift STAN old doll KICKED them out woke me up and i lifted STAN back into bed i know under halth and safety the workers have got to be careful but we were told that they would lift people into bed i actualy asked that very question of them .

In our Anchor bungalow we have alarm`s in all rooms, we had been in about 2 months and i was having a shower when i heard this strange woman asking if i needed any help i thought it was Rosemary ready to scrub me back but no such luck it was some wife from bradford asking if i was ok as i had pulled the alarm by accident ooooops silly me .
Thanks for all the info - I never even thought that there was an alarm system available from social services. I contacted the pallative care nurse who sees my husband and he's given me the phone number for the Community Alarm service in my area. (Thanks Rosemary, I checked the info on the link.)

George - I think you have enough fodder for a book about caring and support services! I'll be happy if I am not around and my husband pulls the panic alarm and someone comes, whether or not they leave him where he's fallen. At least they should know enough to call the ambulance, if required. This health and safety stuff has gone haywire.

... I was a tad worried that with an alarm that only rang me in the house my husband would be ringing it for any little thing. He has shown a remarkable ability over the years to be waited on hand and foot; and he sometimes plays up his disability to get some extra "support." If the alarm rings externally to a service, he will not expect them to bring his meds to his workshop so he doesn't miss a minute of Cops. Image
STAN often went to bed early he did so just to give the old doll time on her own to watch her soaps we gave him a bell to call for us if he needed help after a couple of months i decided to take the clapper out Image joke thats what we had for him he never took advantage of it .
We have a Piper Alarm, Stacey, I find it useful if my husband needs the paramedics, I can just press the button and talk to the call centre from wherever he is in our home and they do the rest without me having to leave him. It was originally supplied via our district council but is now funded through the county council Supporting People budget, dependent on income it is either available for a small charge or free.