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Carer seeking work update

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I wrote recently about my recent attempts to get an interview with a jobcentreplus adviser (like it says on the directgov website - if you are a carer you can go along to your local jobcentre and ask to speak to an adviser about looking for work etc)

I have been told again today by my local Jobcentre that they can offer no current help.

However, I think it was Annie who suggested contacting my local authority (Glos County Council) as they have special staff to help carers. I think all LAs have this now? I was a bit sceptical before, but fair play to Glos CC carers staff - they answered very quickly and are following this up for me. They confirm I should be getting help from the Jobcentre.

The Jobcentre guy who phoned today gave me some info which I hope is true - he said he had found this out from internal guidance and it may not be in the public domain . He said from December there will be a new national initiative where carers can access Care Partnership Managers who will give support and advice about looking for work. He said it's currently being piloted and will roll out nationally from December. He thinks carers will be able to make an appointment from Dec via the general helpline 0800 055 66 88. Hope this is true. I wonder if Carers UK have heard anything about it? Cherish
Hi Cherish

We have been pushing hard to try and get the Govt to give firmer detail on this. we have worked with MPs to get questions asked.

See here
http://www.carersuk.org/Newsandcampaign ... 1233922196

[quote]Parliamentary Question on employment commitments in National Carers Strategy
29 January 2009

Parliamentary Questions by Gordon Marsden MP and Mark Harper MP have revealed that Care Partnership Managers for Jobcentre Plus will be recruited from April 2009 and further support will be available by the end of the year.

Mr. Marsden: To ask the Secretary of State for Work and Pensions what progress his Department has made in implementing the provisions of the National Carers Strategy, published in June 2008, which relates to (a) the provision of support for carers by Jobcentre Plus, (b) flexible provision of skills training for carers and (c) a review of the benefits for which carers may be eligible.

Mr. McNulty: The National Carers Strategy committed Jobcentre Plus to improvements to the support it offers to carers by improving information about flexible job vacancies; introducing Care Partnership Managers in every district; introducing specialist training for Jobcentre Plus advisers who work with carers; funding replacement care for those who are participating in approved training; ensuring carers have access to appropriate employment programmes and investigating the feasibility of providing return to work support through third sector organisations. It is expected that recruitment for the Care Partnership Managers will begin in April 2009 and that the remaining support will be available by the end of the year.

The National Carers Strategy committed the Department to providing skills training in a flexible manner so it is accessible for carers. A training pilot in the west midlands is currently looking at the best way to deliver flexible training to Jobcentre Plus customers and we are currently developing plans for a Great Britain wide roll-out.

In the National Carers Strategy, the Department also committed to examining carers’ benefits in the context of our wider ambitions for the welfare state, and the future of the care and support system.

In December, we published the White Paper, “Raising Expectations and Increasing Support: Reforming Welfare for the Futureâ€Â
Thanks Matt. This will be very helpful to me in taking this forward.

I note Mr Mc Nulty says "Carers CURRENTLY have access to Jobcentreplus approved training through a range of New Deal programmes."

Not at my local Jobcentre, they don't. I was granted a New Deal interview after I took my complaint to the Chief Exec of Dept for Work and Pensions. At the New Deal interview the guy sent me away and said New Deal is ONLY for people on JSA - not carers. He said he could not help me.

I'll try my MP I guess - altho' he never signs any of the early day motions relating to carers as it's not 'his particular area' , he tells me
cherish my MP says that lol

when amy goes to secondary school and hopefully doesnt have as many appointments i will go back to college and then get a nice little job
Good thinking, Pixie. No point in relying on MPs or anyone else. Love Cherish
How about a thread for all those going to or thinking about going to college/uni?
Good idea