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Leonie_1811 wrote:
Tue Mar 05, 2019 6:25 pm
I’ve just applied for one online with the council. I’ll post about the experience when it happens. I recently went to an event at our local Carers Trust centre and they seemed to be very useful. I’d get on their website and register with your local centre and see what support you can get? Good luck 😉
Hi Leonie

I just wondered if you had had your Carer's Assessment yet, and if so, how did it go?
Hope all is well.
When my husband had a 'financial assessment' to decide how much he would have to pay for his Care ( 4 mornings 30 minutes and 3 mornings 45 minutes) it was a somewhat offensive experience.
A woman from the Council came. She started off by saying the charge would be backdated. We had been told by the OT that it would not. She then asked why we didn't sell our car, we didn't need one!! How she imagined I would get my husband to the Doctor's, or go and do the shopping without having to struggle on the bus I don't know. She then stated that we didn't need the funeral plans we have in place. Altogether it was an unpleasant experience.
The Social Worker came out recently to do an 'assessment' ( not financial) on my husband. She sent him a copy. It was so full of inaccuracies it was laughable. She had written that he was born in Auckland AUSTRALIA!! :D and went on to make further eyebrow-raising statements.
My husband asked for another financial assessment recently when they raised his fees without consulting him. He doesn't even have £5,000 in savings!
Apparently, I am not entitled to any financial compensation for looking after him as his Full-Time carer ( and wife) I am 85 and have osteoporosis and it's becoming quite a struggle to stay upbeat. It takes one back to the old song "Money is the Root of All Evil" !! Basically the loud and clear message is they are only interested in taking our money, not in our welfare.
We live in Surrey.
Amble maybe ask the lovely lady from "The Council" about her bloated Pension Scheme and whether she really needs it, look at the shock on her face when you tell her that 5-7% Employer Contribution from Council Tax money is ridiculous and unnecessary and she should be embarrassed to tell you how to keep your finances in order, when you pay for hers.

Especially at a time when Social Care is going downhill.

As for the comment about your car, you would be quite within your rights to tell the snotty thing to mind her own business....