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Carer's Assessment.

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Has anyone had a Carer's Assessment carried out by their local council? If what does it consist of and what help was it to you?
Hello Lesley

When I was caring I never had a Carers Assessment but I know that a lot of members have found it was useful. You might find this link from the Carers UK main website interesting:

https://www.carersuk.org/help-and-advic ... assessment
Hi Lesley,
Yes I have. The idea is to see what they can do to support you so that you can carry on caring. For example they may decide that your caree needs three visits of an hour each every day for personal care but when you explain that you never get out and would like to go to a local group or to the gym or swimming or hairdresser, anything that you want to do, they may increase your caree's visits to add a sitting service for the time you want to be out of the house.
You never know what's available until you ask. The assessment for me was a chat with the SW when I explained that I belonged to an art group which happened on a Friday morning but would have to give that up to care for Mum now. They provided a sitter for a couple of hours so I could go. They also organised respite.
Be prepared. Write down all the things you do for your caree and anything you are struggling with. Is the garden getting too much? Have you got a dripping tap or some decorating that urgently needs doing. You might not get everything paid for but often the LC has a list of approved suppliers who are reasonably priced. Other people have had money off cinema tickets and suchlike. It depends on the LA. Don't hold back. Tell the SW all your problems and what would help you to carry on. Never say 'Oh I can carry on doing that'. You may be pleasantly surprised. Hope your LA is a good one.
Then after you have had your carer's assessment they will tell you that you will be marked down as "unmet need" cos they don't have enough money (allegedly).

Just off to enjoy my beach hut today thanks to my carers assessment.
You need to prepare well for it and make notes that you can leave with the assessor. Note down every single little thing you assist with, housework, meals, shopping, laundry, gardening, personal care, medications, appointments, finance, and give some detail in each category.
Then think about what you would be doing if you weren't caring that you don't have time for- hobbies- remember those?, probably not :(
Do you need training to help in your care role such as manual handling, more info on medication? Dementia /Diabetic course etc?
When did you last have a holiday? What are your respite needs?
Do you need advice on claiming benefits for you or or the person you care for. Do you need info on day centres/domestic help/care help?
Think about all of thes and make sure they are all discussed and recorded on paper at the meeeting.
Finally remember- if you don't ask you don't get!
Sadly it does seem to be a postcode lottery as to the degree of support available but hopefully you will get something useful out of it :D
Thank you all for your replies. Will have a long think about it. I am full time carers for mother with advanced parkinsons and MIL with macular degeneration and am also self employed, running a business with husband and son who also help with the caring. So far no help offered apart from charities.
A lot depends on where you live. I've been a carer for 37 years, caring in total for an unenviable TEN different relatives but I have never ever managed to extricate even one penny from Hampshire County Council.
The only thing I've been offered was an educational course at the local college. The same college which had invited me to lead the special needs section a few years ago, but I had to decline the invitation due to lack of respite cover. Why the assessor should think I needed more qualifications I really don't know. I have 10 O levels, 3 A levels and an Honours degree!
We have a Carers UK on the IOW, a small charity who have been most helpful, showing me how to help my mother up after a fall, with the aid of 2 chairs, without straining myself. They also had a carers forum for any problems carers might have, my main point is if one was a private carer ie: the patient has over the £23,000 in assets then there is no help or guidence for the carer to follow regarding who to contact help wise etc. I also found that after my mother came out of hospital after having a stroke and pneumonia, I contacted 6 different carers agencies for some help but none had any vacancies and in a couple of cases was told to "phone again in 3 weeks)!

I do have some time off for myself but it does mean that my husband and son are on "Nan Duty", but we all seem to cope with the situation. Regarding councils helping, the IOW council is on its beam ends and there is no help in any department from them at all.
My first and only Carers Assessment cost me £10000. Yes ------ £10000 of my own money. My disabled adult daughter's Social Worker told me to fill the assessment out as detailed and truthfully as possible. I did. My daughter was threatened with forceful removal from my home, she lived with me, and her support funding was stopped. My other four children were put on Child Protection Plans and Social Services did their best to give me a mental breakdown. But I am strong. I employed a private carer that cost me the £10000 and moved to a different county. :!:
I have been waiting months for assessment. I was told priority is given to people without anyone (family) to look after them and families like us where myself and my husband look after my Mum in our home 24 hours a day x 365 days per year have to wait. No holidays or trips out together for us, but it is what we chose to do when Mum at 93 years of age was diagnosed with Dementia and unable to look after herself in her own home. All the mobility aids and other equipment to make life easier for us all have been purchased by ourselves. For 2 years I have been of the opinion that if you look after someone who once upon a time would be fully looked after by the Local Authority/NHS then the powers that be will happily let you get on with it !!