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Carer's allowance

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On another note, I wondered if anyone could help me with a a question regarding carer's allowance? I work 2 hours a day Mon-Fri and recieve DLA (mid and lower) Incapacity Benefit (long-term) and Income Support. Given large volumes of my fiances are going to caring for Andy, would I be also illigible for Carer's Allowance as I do put food on the table for him? There are also repairs that need to be done which he is refusing to do due to money, his flat is also currently without hot water which he is refusing to pay for. Matt has not been able to shower or wash his clothes due to these circumstances. I have £30 until Wednesday, having already paid £10 last night to feed Andy!
As far as I am aware-I do not know all your circumstances-if you did qualify for CA -your applicable amount of IS would then include the carer premium of IS -£29.50 But they would then take off CA -£53.10 in their calculations of IS (plus a tariff for savings and earnings above the threshold)
To get CA -you have to provide at least 35 hours care a week to someone receiving DLA care component at the middle or higher rate and only earn less than £95 per week I suggest you seek advice from the CAB as any claim may effect the person you help and to discuss your best option
Best to get in touch with CAB or welfare rights, or a local carers project. Alternatively, you could contact the Carers UK CarersLine:
CarersLine can offer advice on any issue to do with caring and disability such as benefits, hospital discharge, employment issues, making a complaint, getting a social services assessment and much more.

The service is free. Although the service is currently only open for 2 days a week, we do have an answerphone service if you leave details an advisor will call you back. See below

Telephone 0808 808 7777
Open Wednesday and Thursday 10am-12pm and 2pm-4pm

If you get Incapacity Benefit the answer is no you cant get C/A it's due to the overlap rule I had the same problem.

I have now retired and still cant get C/A due to the same ruling you can only get it if the Incapacity Benefit was lower than the C/A which it's not so they pay you the greater one of the two.

Although someone on Incapacity Benefit or the State Retirement Pension cannot receive Carers Allowance they may be entitled to the Carer Premium paid with IS and PC. This may actually bring them into IS/PC entitlement where they would not otherwise be entitled to them and as IS and PC are passporting benefits to Housing and Council Tax Benefits and other payments this can make a substantial difference to those trying to manage on very low incomes. It is worth having a benefits check occasionally or using a benefits calculator such as entitledto:

http://www.entitledto.co.uk/default.asp ... eSupport=1

as the thresholds change every year and some people may now be missing out on benefits to which they were not previously entitled.

I would also always advise someone considering applying for a benefit to get advice from a welfare rights organisation as we are not benefits experts.

The information that i was given was as recent as March 09 if it's changed since then i don't know.

I don't claim to be an expert on benefit's only what i have encountered myself.

Yes you may be entitled to the carer's premium but that is only underlying not cash in your hand it may help somtimes to give you entitlement to other benefit's but it doesn't always work (ie) in my situation.
Sorry John, I was not implying that you were not an expert but that we in general are not and that I in particular am not and that expert advise should always be sought. Because PC is means-tested the Carers Premium is payable dependent on other factors such as income and capital so whilst it may not benefit some it does benefit others. I personally think that the Pension Credit system is overly complex, add to that the fact that it is means-tested and it is hardly surprising that many people who are entitled to it do not receive it.
i know it`s a serious issue but at the moment many of us poor souls just cant be bothered we are sick and tired of jumping through hoops and over hurdles just for a couple of quid when we know lt will all change come APRIL / MAY and if GORDON CLOWN and his masters at the financial services decide to make it harder for those like us on benefits to live on credit god help us all many carers myself included rely now and again on credit just to live but if the carers allowance was paid at a decent wage end of problem .