Carer on Red or Black on TV now

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Vince full time carer fom London on red or black
Is he a member on here I wonder?
I only saw the first 2 shows, got bored very quick with it . Image
lol 1st time ive watched it, so far ive chosen the correct colour al the way.

I wonder though, if Vince happened to win would he lose all his benefits?
He wouldnt need benifits if he won a million?? thats just being a bit too greedy.
He may ask for his benefits to stop now he has won a million, you never know there are fair people out there, seems a bit cynical to condemn him before we know, don't you think.

Why would he stop them be fore he had won? If that was the case we all have to stop our benefits, every time we bought a Lottery ticket!
I'm pleases to see a fellow Carer have a bit of good luck.
I wasnt condoning him at all, i just meant if he did win the million..( reading your post he did, as i didnt watch the end), then he wouldnt need to claim any more.