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Carer & in Full time education...Tribunal...ARGH! - Page 7 - Carers UK Forum

Carer & in Full time education...Tribunal...ARGH!

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so sorry you didnt win alex, i agree with everyone else, and hope
you can appeal.

ALEX re sleep when i was looking after STAN during his last 3 years he would ask for me through the night at least every hour as an ex railway man we are used to sleeping as and when back of vans on station`s in engineer`s pan train in loco`s you name it we will sleep in it so for me to be honest the lack of sleep was ok most afternoon`s STAN went off to sleep as he was exhausted so i would grab 2/3 hours kip then but what realy upset me was when he went into his first respite for 2 weeks he was ignored by the staff and when we got him home he would shout nurse , nurse , nurse non stop till i went into see to him in the past he used to shout GEORGE "are you awake" ( i am now ) "yes what do you want " "can you take me to the toilet" the nurse , nurse, nurse thing is the only part of his alzheimers that upset me oh yes and now and again when we were out and about he had a habit of saying to friends this is GEORGE my carer iam convinced had we not allowed STAN to have those 2x2 weeks respite care he may have been a wee bit better i would hate to see what months or even years would have done for him in care home by the way he used to call it STALAG 8B he said it was worse than P.O.W. camp as in the camp he could talk to the Germans .

the reasons for deciding my case, appeal or not appeal. what do you think?
Thanks for sharing.
I think the case failed because of a failure to understand the nature of caring, study and work.
I am typing at my computer now, and yet I am also caring. How can this be? Well, how could George get some kip on the job in his van?

The answer is that one can do two - or more - tasks at the same time. I am also listening out for my son, light supervision if you like, to prevent an accident and to be here if he needs me. He is watching a film in a nearby room, the doors are open. (He has also just made me a nice cup of tea. This is not unusual - caring can be reciprocated, and although I do not have a disability myself, I might, mightn't I?)

So disability and caring, studying and caring, working and caring, - even sleeping in Georges case, though as usual he is slightly the exception! - these are not mutually exclusive activities, as they might be in, say , a nursing home. That said, I have seen many nurses sit down to watch the racing on the telly of an afternoon (yes it happens!) .

I expect many a High Court Judge will be filling out a crossword puzzle in front of him or reading something unrelated, during a particularly tedious case.

This is, I feel, the heart of the issue here. If you are needed for just five minutes an hour, every hour, that is effectively tying you to the cared for person and the house and is therefore a full hour of caring in my book.
SLEEP === we had a case when one of our lads (shop steward) was sacked for sleeping on the job at tribunal they found in his favour it was agreed that the nature of the work 12 hours or more after derailment which may be miles from nearest village the tribunal said we were entitled to grab some sleep if we needed it .
just last week i was reading about top executives taking some power sleep .
Well said Excalibur.I am also in caring mode at the moment,one ear open, also watching the clock ready to remind my son to test his blood sugar etc.

And when I was nursing, we were encouraged to sit down in the dayroom with our patients in the afternoons and talk to them,or even watch TV with them. Plus, when I was training, we were expected to do fulltime ward work, as well as fulltime studying.
I have read all this with a great deal of interest and will return soon in order to follow some of the links.

Alex, I feel like I know you much better now! It's been such a fight for you hasn't it? However, you've found time to study, care and fight the cause so well done you!

All the best
The rules STINK. Situations should be assessed on an individual basis. The important factor is that Sarah is getting the care she needs from you(over the "required" 35 hours). Your studying is worked around your caring. Keep fighting.
Take care,
Karen x
I've been reading this thread with interest - also other threads regarding Carers' Allowance in general.

Alex, I know that the following doesn't apply to you and Sarah but it might be if interest to some of the others who have replied on this subject.

I'm 61 and in receipt of state pension so if I claim CA I will lose my state pension - however there is still the Attendance Allowance for people aged 65 and over with an illness or disability who need help with personal care. It is claimed by and paid to the caree rather than the carer. It was designed to enable them to pay someone to come in and help them with personal care, their housework etc, etc. But how they decide to use the money is up to them.
It is also tax-free and does not have to be declared and it is not means tested.

For anyone looking after an elderly relative and unable to claim CA it is worth looking into. There are two bands depending on the level of help needed; plus once it is granted it can lead the way to claiming other benefits like Housing Benefit or Council Tax benefit.

I hope that things work out for you Alex.

Thanks for the info Susie, I was not aware that AA wasn't means tested.
Hi No1Mum (Karen ?)

If you want to look into AA further this is a link direct to the DirectGov website page re AA - you can download the forms or even apply on online if you want - they don't advertise this benefit much - probably realise that a lot more people would take it up if they knew of its existence !!!!!

http://www.direct.gov.uk/en/DisabledPeo ... G_10012425

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