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Personal care done by carers coming into home

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Has anyone had problems with carers coming in at any time of the day? We originally gave social services our preferred times (4 times a day) when we the carer should come and get mum up etc. But in reality it bears no resemblance. For instance in the morning they are supposed to come around 9am to get mum up washed and dressed but for the last 2 weeks its been about 7.15 - I'm not even up then (we have a key box) and then of cse they set the burglar alarm off having been set night before.....the lunch call is anything from 11.15 - 1pm - tea call 2.30-5pm and bed time 7.30pm! (but does not go to bed then being able to walk to bed herself later on about 10pm). They get her undressed and into dressing gown. It completely messes up our day we cannot plan anything and I'm now tearing my hair out. Care agency says its in the hands of the carers and the way they plan their round. They always seems to come at meal times which then interrupts that and dinner goes cold etc. and at night they are in and out within 8min flat.....I've been timing them!
I'd watch what they document in the care record. If they spend 8 minutes that's what they should document in the care record.

My experience has been that it is the agency that plans the rotor, not the carers themselves.

Regards to timing, the care visits are typically set up around mealtimes, so they can give the client something to eat.

We've been asked by council when carers should visit but the times have changed. Mum has four visits supposedly spread throughout the day. With one agency they would come late (11am) for get up and once showed at 6:15pm for night call. At least the times you describe cover a wide time span.

I'm afraid what you describe is not uncommon. Perhaps you could ask the carers if they could better accommodate your wishes. I've found our current agency tries its best but traffic/buses/emergencies frequently derail things.
ps,. I expect the carers are hired by the LA to care for your mum. Unfortunately we family members, although we play such a vital role, do not have our desires accomodated. We are oftentimes thought of as unnecessary unwanted hindrances in the care process!
Hi Susan,

It all sounds very stressful and intrusive.

S has care workers four mornings a week, to look after him between me leaving for work and his transport arriving. If the care workers are late, it means I'm late for work.

The agency (in theory,) provide a weekly timetable of the time of the care visits and who the care worker will be. This arriving is hit and miss and I do often have to chase it up.

If the care workers are repeatedly late I let them know I will be contacting the agency as they are not being allowed enough travel time. Most of the care workers try their best time-keeping wise. One was terrible, often off sick/car broke down etc so sub had to be sent at last minute, she was nearly always late. One morning she didn't show. I rang the agency, thinking she was off sick again and to check a sub was on their way and they were surprised that she wasn't with us as she had rung in at the end of her last call that was nearby ... She finally arrived 47 mins later, with no reason. I did put in a complaint.

As Rosemary says, a lot of folk do need support with meal times, make it clear to the agency your Mum doesn't need that.

Are the council funding her care visits? Did they choose the agency?

I must admit the care company we deal with is brilliant. They always arrive when they are supposed to and we never get a carer that has not been here before. My son's carers (from the same company) are also brilliant they even feed the cat in the morning. So I am sorry some are having problems but still secretly smiling that I'm not.
My tongue in cheek reply earlier vanished as I lost internet connection. I was going to ask which agency as I would love a job with them!. If you work for a good care agency like I do they ring you if you haven't rung the office in advance to explain why you are five minutes late. Great for the clients as they get an hour of work that they pay for , not so great for us staff as from closing the door on the last client, putting key away in box, logging call on phone getting back to car , travel to next client and get key out and arrive at front door is all done in our own time at our own expense with no pay.
The LA, if they fund the care, should be telling the agency when they want the calls. I complained when mum's carers were giving her lunch at 11.30 and she didn't have another call until 8pm, and couldn't prepare a hot drink for herself.
Thank you for all your comments - some made me smile! LA is funding major part of mum's care, so really just get who can accommodate the times we want. On the whole carers who come are lovely its just the timing's of some of their visits are unreliable. Tea calls are supposed to be 4pm'ish - but in reality they usually turn up at 2.30 - when sometimes the lunch call was only 1pm. They only do personal care - nothing else. I live here full time with mum and do everything else. Did complain to manager of agency but got know where - and as someone said you probably are considered a hindrance/nuisance! The GP said carers would make my life easier but in reality not really. Now summer is coming mum and I like to go out and about but we can never plan anything unless we tell them don't come we wont be here - otherwise have to rush back hoping we've not missed them!
In that case, consider Direct Payments so you organise the care when YOU want. It might be better to have someone come late afternoon to help you with meal preparation or bedtime routine, having all the time in one lump would give you time to go out of the house for a break too. Has mum been given details of her Personal Budget by Social SErvices?
I know how you feel as regards Carers...... My Mum has had some coming in twice a day since January...... the morning call ranges from 6.30am to 11.00am. I've had to set my alarm to ensure I'm up and downstairs by 6.30am to let them in (we live next door to a Pub and step straight onto the pavement out of the front door, so we did not want a key box). Then just as we get into 'the 6.30am routine', it changes again. I imagine that this is so that the same clients are not having to get up early all the time? But admittedly it is a help in that they help Mum get up, washed and dressed etc.

They do not do much on the evening call and are come and gone within 10 - 15 minutes sometimes - but we still get charged for the half an hour. The call has ranged from 6.15pm to 10.00pm. In fact we are thinking of cancelling this call altogether.

Sorry to sound so negative!! I do appreciate what they do in the morning - just wish it could be the same time.