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Carer Days are over

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Thinking of you and your Mum , Gem
Thoughts and prayers with you all Gem

x x x
Thoughts and prayers with you all Gem

x x x
I'll second that...]HUGS[/color] Image
I only do big hugs btw..... !!!!!!! Image
Mum was transferred to a small Rest Home a couple of miles away from us (still with MRSA). She was there for 5 weeks and died on 30th Sept - lower respiratory tract infection (pneumonia - which can be a brought on by MRSA).
She was cremated on Monday 13th Oct at Peterborough Crematorium (which is in the top 8 in the country) - a really beautiful place. The vicar used the 3 prayers I'd found in mum's belongings in the service - the coffin, with a large spray in red and white covering it, was carried in to the Liverpool anthem, and as she loved ballet, we chose music from Swan Lake as an exit.
I'm now trying to find father-in-law's grave in Liverpool (he died in 1960 and hubby doesn't know where). When we do find it we'll take her 'home' and place her where she's always wanted to be.

PS. 2.25pm. Have just traced the grave, it's a family grave so arrangements have been made for it to be opened and for us to go up to Liverpool on Monday with mum's ashes.
Sorry to hear your sad news, Gem, but it sounds like Mum had a great "send-off."
Thinking of you all.

God bless

x x x x
Dear Gem

Thinking of you and your family at this sad time - but now Mum is at peace and going home.
Now is the time to look back and remember all the good times before she became ill.

When my Dad died some 20 years ago, we had the greatest party laughing over all the funny and happy times we had together. He always said that we weren't to cry for him when he died, but that we should remember and celebrate the good times. We tried to abide by his wishes and although it was difficult at times it did help.


God bless you all
Thank you, everyone, for all your kind thoughts and comments.
Yesterday (Monday) we drove from Spalding, Lincs to Liverpool Bootle Cemetary after much time spent trying to find the family grave via the web and phone calls. The casket containing mum's ashes was laid adjacent to her husband who died and was cremated 48 years ago. My husband laid them in the grave (which we had had opened) and after the disturbed soil was replaced we put her funeral spray on top - which was still in lovely fresh condition.
So the final act was completed.

What I am going to write now is absolute truth:

After mum died and I was tidying her room a couple of weeks ago, I found 5 old watches scattered amongst her possessions - not working, all stopped at different times. So I placed them in her jewellery box. This morning I took them out, EVERY ONE SHOWED 2.15.
Mum's funeral was at 2p.m. last week and her commital was halfway thru the service at 2.15p.m.
But it doesn't finish there - at Bootle Cemetary yesterday when we were looking for the grave, we found it at 2.15p.m. We know the time was exact because we were early and checked the time whilst we waited for the Registrar.
I'm still trying to get my mind round this - it's just too much of a coincidence. Mum had always said she wanted to be with her husband (she'd mourned him for 48 years, never had anyone else) but we'd never discussed it. I'd like to think she was saying 'Thank You'.
Gem - I am sure your M.I.L was saying thank you.
I too had many 'strange' things happen after my granddad passed away and no one could explain them too me.
Take comfort in the fact that your M.I L. will always be around you sending her love and support. Map x
My thoughts have been with you and your family at this sad time.
Big hugs,
Karen x