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Mileage and Wage

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Hi i am struggling to see which one will be the best paid please see below the two options.

1. £8.40 an hour, working in S26 and 45p mileage.

2. £8.80 an hour, but £9.20 after 7 and weekends, working in S20 & S21 maybe a mile further away from the above, 25p mileage.
Interesting ... distance from the starting point ?

Total mileage including beginning / end at starting point ... projections to give us some idea as to the variables.

That will be one side of the equation ... costs ( Fived and variable ) to undetake such a task ... especially if transport is needed , costs of which , including tax / insurance / maintenance reserve / depreciation etc. ... before we can compute both a break even point , and the likely return on your labours.

Assuming self employed ... or employed direct.

What costs can be offset against tax ... relative to the above ?

Assume employed ... self employment tends to go together with an accountant ... meat and drink for him / her ?

Thereafter , you'll need to input some figures into an online calculator ... tax / NI ... before arriving at the net figure.

Sounds like something no family / kinship carer would need to know unless they were thinking of trying to juggle work with caring ... perhaps as a paid care worker ?
Seem to have lost my reply. I was about to say - but Chris beat me to it that all of us on here are either family or friend carers or former carers and only get about £64.60 per week for working a 7 day week 24hrs a day with no mileage paid.

I do, however, wear another hat and work in the industry. I don't understand your question either S20, S21 S26? Are these London postcode areas? Whatever - if I were you I would plump for the one paying best hourly rate all other things being equal. The most important things to consider when comparing companies- do they offer and pay for training, do they guarentee hours, do they give good office support, do they give enough travel time between clients? Far more important to consider all these than just the hourly rate.
Sheffield post codes ... even my manor , Worksop , is in S80 and S81.

Fairly safe in the post codes mentioned although I wouldn't like to tempt that from dusk to dawn ... especially as UC has rolled out on those manors ... and the last few days before that monthly pay check ...

Local zombies are ... like on many manors ... a tourist attraction.
Sorry i am new to the site. I am becoming a carer for an agency. And will be working in the community. The commute is roughly 2 miles difference, 2. Is a little further by around 2 miles. A have a better feeling with option 2. But i don't want to choose the option where overall ill get paid less.
In which case , I will diplomatically withdraw ... and let other members provide some observations / suggestions.

What's been provided already is a good starting point from the finances side.

Prediction ?

Less than the minimum wage ... once all has been factored in ... and answers provided.

What it says on the label ( Agency rates ) does not match what's in the tin ( Net wage ) ... both expressed as £'s per hour.

Along with other work on local issues , I have helped five different neighbours with problems like that one over the past two months alone.

'Round 'ere , it's agency work . zero contracts or minimum wage ... £ 9 per hour , and you'll be considered middle class.

ps. Don't forget some running shoes ( Pair with spikes during winter ... LA has no monies to deice or clear the pavements ) and a stop watch ... they WILL govern your working life !

Your " Service users " will rank a poor second ( Love that phrase ! ).
I think i may have answered my own question. Option 1 the pay is always the same and they don't pay for training. Option 2 I get paid for training and upon completion of my NVQs ill also get a higher wage.
Hi Jennifer

I think I should point out that Carers UK is a charity set up to support and advise those caring for a relative or friend in an unpaid, non-professional capacity and, as such, we the members are not in a position to advise on the 'ins and outs' of paid professional Care work.

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