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School workplace 48 hr rule / immune-suppressed patient - Carers UK Forum

School workplace 48 hr rule / immune-suppressed patient

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I’ve not posted before. Please does anyone have any advice on approaching an employer about asking them to improve their implementation of their 48 hr stomach upset rule? I need it to be more effectively implemented and for all staff to be more aware of it. Also the supervision of hand washing in children . It’s a school and I’m caring for someone who is immune-suppressed. It’s really worrying me. We’ve had a 3 children and 2 staff off with vomiting and diahorrea in a class of 19 this week. There have been delays before children’s parents are contacted. Ive now caught it passed it on to my immunosuppresed relative who is seriously ill in hospital tonight. I’d like a gentle but firm approach so as not to annoy. I will need to ask for carers leave in the coming months and don’t want to be confrontational and cause bad feeling.
Thank you.
Hi Michelle.

Best external source for brief guidance would be the HSC ( Public Health Agency ) web site ... in .pdf format :

http://www.publichealth.hscni.net/sites ... poster.pdf

For the Government's guidance given to LAs and the schools on the manors :


An Internet search ... SCHOOLS : 48 HOUR SICKNESS RULES ... throws up some interesting links ... from individual schools policies / guidance to discussion forums ( MumNet been prominent ).

A real heavywight ... Immune Deficiency Foundation web site : School Guide for Students with Primary Immunodeficiency Diseases .... 60 pages in .pdf format ... don't come more detailed that this one :

https://primaryimmune.org/wp-content/up ... -FINAL.pdf

I trust that the above assists ... other readers may have had first hand experience and add their own observations.
Hmm, I can't help feeling that expecting children to be 'hygienic' is a hide into nowhere. Sadly for you, I would actually say it is HEALTHIER for children NOT to be 'too clean' as their own immune systems will be weakened by over-hygiene (as I say, there's usually fat chance of that anyway!)

Obviously, though, in your situation, that is dangerous for your immune-suppressed relative that you care for.

Such issues are always tricky for schools - think about children with life-threatening allergies, and getting schools to reduce the chance of accidental exposure. Just how much 'should' a school do for the sake of only a few, at most, sometimes less, children. I know of one school where NO child is allowed to bring anything even remotely 'dangerous' in their lunch boxes.

At some point, I think, we cannot expect 'everyone else' to cater to the specific needs of only a very few (and that's even before we get on to gender neutral toilets!)

I don't mean to be negative, and you are clearly keen NOT to be too 'demanding' or 'unreasonable'.....I guess for so many of us, if we, say, commute, then our chances of avoiding infection from the public is pretty low anyway.....

It's a tricky problem. What does the head teacher say to you (or 'Matron' if they still have one!) (they did in my day!)
PS - My own son carries an Epipen, so I am definitely not unsympathetic. Just somewhat 'resigned' I guess.....