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I for one think he is but this is not about his crazy plan re the removal of attendance allowance its his NEW MASTER PLAN to allow patients to chose their own G.P. regardless of where the G.P. is situated you may live in Newcastle but decide to register with a G.P. in Islington London it`s just stupid P.C.T. are responsible for G.P.`S they will have to pay other trusts who will then hand over the cash to the G.P. of your choice but what about a home visit how would that work iam sure this has nothing to do with the fact that ANDY BURNHAM has developed a TELE TRANSPORTER and as he was turned down in the dragons den he is looking for a quick sale and needs some publicity but seriously its crazy what about services that many patients access from their G.P. such as well being clinics, physio , health visitors . pyscho . even going for the flu jab it just would never work .
I was supprised to see the consevatives actualy say his plans dont go far enough and one "expert" on radio said if they have the will to do it along with the extra bureaucracy and cash it could be done .
When we lived in Gosforth only 13 miles from our present home we were at first told by the doctor DR ANNAND who by the way was a close friend of ours that if we wanted to we could stay registered with him but he warned us about home visits and health visitors at first we decided to stay with him but when i took the change of address in to reception the practice manager would not accept us we had to move and register with local doctor and just as well we have had over 7 home visits for the old doll as her illness has worsened how could we have managed with no home visits we have physio and 3 clinics for the old doll to attend heart , asthma, osteo how could she manage if we had kept the doctor in Gosforh .
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We'll soon be able to choose a different GP
Personally I'm dead chuffed about this. Saw it on the news this morning and it's on most newspaper sites today.

I asked about a year ago if we could register with a different GP a few miles further away and was told this is not possible, so now I know I will be able to within the next 12 months hopefully.
Thanks for moving me over Rosemary! Image
Thanks for moving me over Rosemary! Image
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The first thing I thought about was home visits too, my husband is housebound and the doctor always comes to our home.

That said, there are more doctors' centers around here than there are takeaways .. and we have a lot of takeaway establishments! So for me it would be simple to switch to a different practice ... but I don't think that applies anywhere but in a heavily populated area.
What is this "home visit" of which you speak? Image

None of the real GPs in this area of S London do home visits (not even for housebound patients). Here, you have to phone a different number for the out of hours service, and if you're lucky they take a detailed enough history (and get back in touch with your GP afterwards) to reach the right diagnosis.
On our last 3 home visits we called doc`s at 08-00 he was at the home within the hour each time for me thats great service now if my doctor was say in Newcastle just 13 miles away what time would he arrive for a home visit answer never .