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Caree upset - me too

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They have nothing better to do, over time it becomes an obsession and they cannot stop themselves even if they wanted to which they do not. Neighbours like this are toxic and hard to deal with, even ignoring them does not work, it seems to spur them on to worse actions because they want a response, I would always recommend trying to get the problem sorted out at the start before making your life a living hell becomes their raison d'être, the fact that they pick on people who are disabled or carers says a lot about them, they are without conscience.
The neighbour at the bottom of my garden has huge trees that he refuses to maintain, every now and again I have to go hack them back, the branches once ripped the felt off my shed roof. The neighbour on one side of me, well i thinks she's got the first penny she's ever earned, she refuses to pay anything for anything! Her conifers have taken down one fence, it cost me £400 for this new fence and she said she could'nt afford to help pay for it, I was shocked to come home the other day and find she's actually paid someone to tidy the conifers up, lo and behold the guy's standing on top of the £400 fence and its only a few month old!!!!!!
We too had some problems with a neighbour - they objected to the noise during seizure activity at night time.
They even complained the ambulances arriving at 3-4 in the morning disturbed them!

Considering there 'aint a lot we can do about that, what were they expecting? Image Image

They got increasingly nasty and OH was uncomfortable when we were going in and out of our home, he stopped going into the garden.
Because he was stressed the seizures were worse and they moaned more about the noise! Image

We moved - it was just easier in the end and thank God we did as we've got really friendly neighbours now. Image

marie x