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Caree in respite.

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Just wondered what you all do with yourselves when (or if) your caree goes into respite? I have recently had a little while to myself. I decorated the kitchen and sorted out the garden. I tend to get on with things I can't normally do when hubby's here. (So now I'm shattered). Image
When I was nursing my mum the only time my husband and I had alone together was from 2-4pm on a Friday afternoon when Crossroads carer came in. We used to drive out of town to a large lay-by overlooking a lovely view of the northern scottish coastline and fall asleep for an hour, they go home refreshed and ready to face the next seven days of 24/7 care in relays for mum and dad.

Not quite the same as the caree going into respite, but the nearest thing we had.

Dad had to go into respite when hubby was in hospital and I had to be with him, so did not feel the benefit of that I`m afraid

Take care
I decorated the kitchen and sorted out the garden.
I'm sure Social Serrvices will say that you have had a carers' 'break' Image


PS _ Great thread idea!
Respite care is good ? STAN used it just 3/4 times but the care home was a dump i ended up taking him out for lunch and evening meal at least the old doll got some rest the old doll is allowed 4 weeks per year from the M.O.D. but when she is away all i do is work in the house or visit her what i want when she is in respite care is a real break they should pay for me to have a holiday ive got no cash for such a thing so as ive said all i can do is work .

Meg, do you have to pay for Crossroads?

Matt, I'm positive they will, but they do tell you to go away....

George & all... I can't afford to go away. I'd love to go down to the seaside and smell that air and listen to the gulls. Too much to do here anyway. Image
I do not have to pay for our Crossroads care, but I believe it depends on the circumstances.

Dad made a model "Titanic" last year which was raffled for Crossroads and raised over £800 to go towards providing respite for carers, so I think he is still "in credit" so to speak.

Take care
I think you'll find that each local Crossroads has it's own model of working. Where we live it's funded through the Carers Grant by social services and provides an initial 72 hours free sitting service then if you want further sitting you either have to undergo a financial assessment by social services or pay the market rate for care. Some areas seem to accept a donation, some much lower charges, some are very flexible, some less so. Ours doesn't actually meet our needs which are a bit unusual, they did when I applied, so when we got to the the top of the waiting list, although it wouldn't have helped me but would have given my husband some alternative company and interest he declined, we decided against it. For most carers it seems to work extremely well.
Sadly what i used to do when my lad was in respite wasn't too good.

We used to get 7 days a year respite for him so we would usually use it in weekends BUT the night we got home form taking him there i would end up being ill from something or other and it happened every time, we no longer get respite for him so it's not happened any more, we ended up thinking that it was something psychological about him not being around which admitidly i hate it when he's not around it's too quiet and i can't settle properly.
Or perhaps, Redfang, it was because you could allow yourself to feel the strain of caring when he wasn't around?
i don't know what it was charles but i do know that now we don't have any respite for him i have not fallen ill in such a way since and i'm happiest to have him around so it's happiness all round here.