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PIP Point Scoring System ? - Carers UK Forum

PIP Point Scoring System ?

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At first , I took a double take , not 1st. April again ?

https://community.scope.org.uk/discussi ... sed-as-aid

Anyone will experiences through their caree of similiar ways the PIP scoring systems works ... in their favour ?

If a boxer , do you need to knock your opponent out to gain a draw ?

Avoid the PIP casino like the plague , even the complimentary drink is tap water with a few bubbles ... and I dread to think of what made those bubbles.

Trouble is , the casino is the only one in town.

No problem , a branch of Trussells right next door !
It is not appropriate advice to say "avoid the PIP casino like the plague" :o For some people PIP is the only game in town.

Many claimants get a very fair and honest assessment by the "assessor" and by the DWP decision maker.
How does one avoid not visiting the PIP casino ?

The emphasis being to avoid given a choice , as if there was any choice in the first place.

There is a strong collation between PIP failures , for previous claimants receiving DLA , and the growth of numbers needing food banks. That is not as clear cut as night follows day but pretty accurate.

Many will no doubt pass , the problems that need recording and further attention are those who do not.

The more reported , the more chance a future claimant may have of passing if the pitfalls are published.

May be an initial barrier for a few who have been " Swinging the lead " but , for the majority , it appears to be a case of guilty until we prove you innocent ?

For some readers , their caree will fail a PIP test. In which case , their CA will also stop ?

One failure , two needing urgent assistance if they have no collective savings.