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Sorry I just need a rant. My husband has been in serious pain since 1.30pm and I think it may be a problem with his sinus on his right hand side of his face. Well, he was in so much pain and because of he weird nature of his disease I called 111. After 2 phone calls (2.5 hours apart) they said he needed to go to the out of hours GP at the hospital and that someone would call me with an appointment. An hour and a half later a nurse from the out of hours called me. I explained his situation and medical history and she said that because he is on Immuno-suppressant s (pretty heavy duty ones) and what he has could be a serious infection she wanted to send a doctor out. I agreed as he was really in no fit state to go anywhere. Plus, while they said it could take up to 6 hours to get a doc round, I thought it was still best as last time we went to the out of hours we were waiting 4 hours anyway.

This was at 5.30pm. It's now 2.50am and no doctor. I have called twice to find out what is happening, but they can tell me very little. My husband is still in pain and thoroughly exhausted. I was told he can't have any of his heavy duty pain meds until we see a Dr, because they were prescribed for joint pain and not this.

Part of me wishes I had just let him take his oral morphine and call the GP in the morning!

I know they are stretched, but nearly 9 and a half hours is ridiculous!

Sorry rant over!
Doctor turned up eventually at 4.15am. He was very nice to be fair and I was nice to him, but inside I was screaming '11 bloody hours!'. It does look like severe sinusitis. So he gave my husband antibiotics and said he could take his tramadol. So he is a bit more settled. I'm just crazy awake now because I had to stay awake so long and couldn't take my sleeping tablets! Urgh!
I sympathise, sinusitis is horrible. When I had similar problems earlier this year, the GP suggested getting some saline solution from the chemist to spray my nose. I got some Sterimar Blocked nose/congestion relief. It's pressurised and really helps. I also used my facial steamer, but some Vick in a bowl with some steaming water, head covered with a teatowel is very old fashioned, but helps. So will Olbas Oil sprinkled on his pillow.
Oh Jess,
You poor things. I hope you manage a nap today and hubby feels better sooner.

How absolutely horrible. I do hope the doctor was able to give you a kind of 'advance assurance' that it's OK to take pain meds prescribed for one particular condition to alleviate another, without causing any untoward problems. It's a shame they couldn't have told you this over the phone! It can't be that difficult for a medic to know that! (In general, I believe pain killers are pain killers, aren't they? They just act 'everywhere'. - Though I can remember one of my husband's nurses telling me that morphine doesn't work well for head-ache type pain - the kind he got after an epileptic seizure. That said, haven't there been a lot of complaints about adverts for iboprufen that claim to 'target' pain, eg, for back pain, when in fact the drug simply damps down pain throughout the body - it cannot 'target' pain at all in specific regions!)

Anyway, hope the sinusitis is subsiding. I wonder if it's hay-fever related at all? My hayfever is gruelling at the moment, because of the hot dry weather. Just a thought! (If it is, maybe some anti-histamine will give relief as well - though BB's recommendations sound good too.)

Hope you have a better day today - and catch up on sleep. KR, Jenny
Hopefully you can both get some rest today. What a horrible time you've both had. Xx
Thanks for your replies :) I was just going out of my head last night with tiredness and stress. He's not someone who moans or makes a fuss, but he was in tears from the pain and virtually howling for hours.

I asked several times on different calls if he could take his tramadol at least and they kept saying no. When the Dr came out I mentioned this and he said it was kind of a 'stock response' they give on the line because they don't want you to have masked any symptoms or anything before the Dr comes to examine you.

He's feeling much better (in relation) today and we both got a couple of hours sleep. His tramadol is taking the edge off and it should clear up with the antibiotic s. I'll ask the pharmacist about the rinse and sprays too - thanks for the tip :)

Sorry again for the rant!
Well coped with Jess :D your restraint when doctor finally appeared was remarkable . Any one would have been very stressed and tired too. I think you cope better than you think you do xx ;)

Inhaling something vaporous in steam often helps sinus pain, Olbas oil or Vicks are good ones
Thanks MrsA. I sometimes feel like I am not coping well enough at all! But it's nice to hear things like that :)
The people you speak to are sometimes just call handlers, not qualified medical staff. I know you can take Ibuprofen and something else, but keep forgetting what. When I rang the helpline, the first person I asked couldn't help, but then I spoke to a medical person who could. Of course during the day I can just ring my local pharmacist, but not much good after hours, and sods law says that's when you need the advice!