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Swine flu

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I unfortunately have suspected swine flu. I'm not too concerned about me but am very much concerned about my caree (hubby). He is a very very sick man with advanced MS, stoma, catheter, grade four pressure ulcers, bed bound, the lot.

I spoke to the locum tonight after speaking with the National Pandemic Flu Service. I have been prescribed the tamiflu which is going to be picked up tomorrow.

I asked this doctor what will happen to my husband? He said there's nothing they can do until he gets the flu. I said but surely prevention in a case like this is better than cure. "Sorry" he said. The rules come from "on high."

So I'm angry that someone as ill as my husband has to risk catching this wretched bug because "those on high" have made a rule. It could kill him.

What do other carers think?
I think its just the flu. Like midges and the common cold, presumably it is there for a reason, however annoying. There are those on this list who would demand that The Minister makes a Statement, but I think (given that Tamiflu apparently doesn't work, there is no other proven remedy, and that it is a fairly minor flu as flu goes) we just need to get under the duvet, take plenty of fluids, and sweat it out...... if only there was a real remedy I'm sure the politicians would be grabbing it with both hands and claiming the credit too.
How terrible for you Dorothy, I am afraid of getting the flu myself. If my husband with end-stage, severe COPD contracts the flu it is highly unlikely he would survive. Even if he did survive there is no doubt his health would be damaged even further and he would wish he had not come through it.

I think there's nothing you can do other than follow the advice re cleaning hands and avoid coughing on him. Face masks do not work. Tamiflu only helps shorten the symptom period, but it does not prevent anyone catching the flu.

Can you talk to the doc about having Tamiflu on hand now for your husband? I understand that unless it is taken in the first 48 hours it will do nothing, so if he does catch the flu you can start the Tamiflu immediately and it seems to me that will give him the best chance of limiting any damage it might cause.
a lot of the care workers who see to my husband four times a day are now refusing to come in here. Luckily, my sister has come over to help out. If he doesn't get the care, he will have to be moved elsewhere.

The DN has now taken swabs (which was stopped nationwide - but my case is now special circumstances) but results won't be back until Monday. Will let you all know.
I do hope it turns out not to be swine flu, so at least the care workers will come back.
hope all goes ok hun

fingers crossed u ave a rotten summer cold like amy and gemma had
Hope you are feeling better this morning

x x
On the governments web help it says if you have or care for YOUNG children( under 5 ?) inform them but not a thing about if you are a carer for an elderly vunerable person dont we need help if we the carer is ill .
This is their advice page for carers George, click here

This was on the MS site
Standard advice and really pretty useless. The problem is that once a carer realizes they have the flu they may have already passed it on to their caree. But lets say that didn't happen but the carer realizes they have the flu - what are they supposed to do next? Either have 24X7 support standing ready whilst the carer goes to live somewhere else until they are no longer infectious? Or does the caree get transported somewhere else to live for the duration?

Basically, there is no answer. Those of us caring for high-risk carees are just going to have to pray our caree does not get the flu from us or someone else. And the government should be providing Tamiflu to have on hand in case our carees start showing symptoms, not waiting until they do.