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care home issues

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hi , it's a nursing home but i 'm struggling to see where the nursing bit fits in ..

Have you spoken to the local CQC Inspector? If you ring the number on the Internet they will take details and get the local Inspector to ring you.
hi, i reported the home to the care commission on Friday, the lady i spoke to said i had to complain the ombudsman.

the Lady in question remarked she will pass the information to the inspector but that does not mean they will visit also it would be in the capacity as a home not as a individual...

I expect the local Inspector will ring you next week. The predecessor of CQC, CSCI, was much better at looking at problems of individuals. However, the rather vague terms of CQC mean that when you ring up, they say it will give the Inspector an idea of what to look at next time. However, if the Inspector is at all concerned she can make an immediate un announced Inspection.
hello, another heart breaking day with mum, I took her out for something to eat only to notice her finger ...

Feeling very angry i confronted the care home manager, she remarked that mum was sent to hospital and they did try to contact me, she shut her finger in a door ,, I don't believe a word of it... if i haven't had notice it, no one would have told me ... my phone logs all calls , no calls from them...

I have gave concerns for her now ...


Report to CQC again. Also consider making a written formal complaint to the LA Complaints Officer, NOT the local office, as a possible case of abuse of a vulnerable adult. Keep complaining until action is taken. Copy your complaint to the head of the Adult Services Committee.
Hmmm....both the Home and the hospital should have written records of this accident surely? I suggest You ask the Home for a copy of their Complaints Procedure and follow that through.
If you still are not satisfied the next step is the OMbusdman...as you have already been advised by phone.

THE CQC does NOT investigate individual complaints.the CQC monitors and regulates....not applicable for individual complaints and investigations. Except, I THINK, in some narrow specified areas.

Another tip....sometimes our carees refuse certain aspects of care offered...for example, when to sleep, when to get up, what to eat and drink. And they have a right to make such decisions.....even if we think the decisions are unwise.....legally it cannot be imposed on them.
Good luck.
An Ombudsman's report will take many months, no solition to an immediate problem.
this is exactly what i feared it will take months to process, my mum needs protection now ...

A lady from the Care Commission rang me today and asked me if it 's okay to force the Essex Social Services to put mum into safe guarding and i remarked please do ...

Many thanks for the advice ...
Good. When my mum's care agency was failing CQC investigated, clearly they had multiple complaints, although they won't say this. They interviewed her by phone, and CQC monitored the situation very well.
Have you looked at CQC's website to look at past reports for the home?