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Care Home Fees- questions about LA contribution

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BB is right, the letter is an admission of wrong-doing (guilt). I would just for fun, contact a no win, no fee, Solicitor who would love to take your case....

There is so many similarities in our cases, my Mum went into hospital fully mobile and came out on a Zimmer frame after they told me about a fall in the toilet. The head Nurse literally jumped on me before I got into Mums room and told me she had a bad fall in the toilet, I had to sign a health and safety form confirming this.

Mum is back home with me, but she no longer walks... we have carers 4 times a day, standing aids and a commode...

My advice, Challenge Everything, Question Everything, Don't Take No For an Answer. Don't let your Dad end up like my Mum
Thank you so much for all your responses- they are really helpful. Much appreciated.

At 5pm yesterday the Matron said they would like a family meeting today at 3pm. I can’t sleep - am very anxious!! So scared and alone!

I have received a copy of the serious incident report into my father’s broken arm. The ambulance contractors have admitted negligence and the driver has been sacked (he’s okay- he’s got a new job which he says he is happier in). Our solicitors have put in a personal injury claim but apparently it can take years to resolve. In the meantime my father is still in hospital (three months after they said he was medically fit for discharge). He wants to go home , the council are saying double handed care will cost too much and they would prefer him to go into residential care which neither my fathe nor I think he is ready for (I appreciate this may change in the future but even then we think nursing or palliative care would be more appropriate for his needs). The local authority are now querying whether he has the capacity to make such a decision - we think he does so I assume it will now have to go to the court of protection to make a decision. It’s utterly exhausting and so very stressful. I am worried the hospital (who seem to be putting all the pressure on us rather than the local authority to resolve the situation) will simply try to discharge him to a residential home. I have read that they shouldn’t do this (think we’d have to threaten an injunction to prevent it) but am so very, very scared they will try regardless. PALs/the Chief Exec etc have not been helpful- refusing to get involved /saying it’s between us and the Council / nothing to do with the hospital despite him being in their care when his arm was broken by their contractor.

Has anyone else been through the court of protection or involved in disputes over mental capacity? It’s never been an issue before - Dad was mentally fine before admission: he has acquired fluctuating delirium whilst in hospital (we are told it will probably lift at home) but to be honest I’m not really surprised he has it. I’m so stressed my GP has prescribed medication and I’m now off work sick : goodness knows how he feels. It’s far worse for him - They were concerned that he may have caught an infection from another patient (he hasn’t) and put him in a isolated room (door closed,minimal contact, no physio just stuck in bed). As Dad is blind and can’t hear very well being on his own with no stimulation (I was just visiting after work) for days on end is bound to impact on his mind and well-being. He has days where he is fine but moments where he is confused. That said he has never once said he wants to go into residential care - only ever that he wants to go to his flat with carers. I think his health would only deteriorate if he was to go into somewhere new at the moment.

As Dad didn’t have problems at home prior to admission (only when carers or patient transport didn’t turn up ) I think he should be given an opportunity to try being at home even if just for a trial period.

If anyone of you have had similar experiences, especially over the court of protection/ mental capacity it would be great to hear about them. Thank you once again for all your help/support and kindness.
Faye, that is less than 24 hours notice. NOT ACCEPTABLE. Dad should have his solicitor present, has he been invited. I'd contact the CEO again, PALS too, and ask them to rearrange it. However, if they say it's a Continuing Healthcare Assessment, then let it go ahead.
Thanks. Unfortunately PALs and the chief execs office won’t get involved. Dad’s solicitor is on holiday but has said to go along to hear what they have to say. I’m not very optimistic
I'm sure others on here have more experience, but the Court of Protection (I'm currently going through this process with Mum), is for people who have been deemed to have no mental capacity in order to safeguard the money of the vulnerable adult.

It seems in your case this is way to early, there is no safeguarding issues money wise, you just want to get your Dad home, where he belongs and wants to be.

In Mums case I paid £200 for Mum's mental capacity to be decided by a neutral, un-biased DR, when he said Mum has mental capacity, the Local Government didn't have a leg to stand on.

The one thing I don't understand, generally four - doubled up calls by carers, is WAY cheaper than residential/nursing home care, so why your LG is dragging its heels like this I'll never know.

When I said I'd have Mum home, my Social Worker almost bit my hand off:-)
Faye, how did the meeting go?
I hope the meeting went well, but the sceptic in me thinks the hospital would have done a rushed discharge to a Home day before bank holiday when no one else available to complain to.
I hope it wasn't, for Faye's sake
I’m sorry that I haven’t provided an update sooner- things have been really difficult. So I’ve just tried to keep my head down, focus on Dad and work but it is so very hard and lonely.

We met with the hospital and social services on 18 April. After lots of discussion they agreed that my father has mental capacity and ,again, he clearly articulated that he wants to go home. The council said that the double handed care that the hospital OTs have said he would need exceeds their limit for an individual (apparently a new residential home is opening where he could share a room that would be cheaper than agency carers - we live in central London so the carers are expensive and hard to come by, the home is not in the local area so is cheaper). My father is clear that he doesn’t want to go into a residential home or move to an area he doesn’t know/away from me/anyone he knows. I know that as he is terminally ill he will most likely eventually need hospice or nursing care (the Council have rejected this for now saying it’s not needed - which I think means it’s too costly?). The social worker is meant to be putting a case to panel for the increased care but said she doesn’t think it will succeed. The hospital Discharge Nurse said he won’t qualify for contuing care at the moment as he might receive reablement and improve?

My father’s solicitor has now written to the Monitoring Officer in the council to escalate the case. It’s now over three months since Dad was told he was medically fit for discharge (his arm was broken in December and repairing by January) and he’s still stuck there.

I feel so sorry for my poor Dad - these are likely to be his last few months and he’s stuck in hospital. He’s on a cardiac ward and they just can’t/don’t give him the personal care he needs. Today, for instance, I arrived and he was covered in blood (they hadn’t cleaned him up from dialysis); was lying in his own pooh (the patient next door said Dad had asked to go to the toilet four hours before and the nurse had said she was to busy and just to do it in the bed but no one had been to help clean him) and didn’t have his hearing aids in so couldn’t hear a thing (he’s blind). It’s all so very depressing. I spoke to the Matron and he said they were short staffed and they are not set up to care for disabled people like Dad. I understand that but it just feels so sad- there’s no dignity or compassion (like he’s a sack of potatoes?). I feel like we aren’t being listened to nor any action taken. Have got no where with the Chief exec or Ombudman- am going to try and speak to his MP again tomorrow. I’m hoping she might be a bit more sympathetic this time - according to the Ward Manager the cost of keeping him in hospital since they said he was fit for discharge would have paid for over 4 years of double handed care at home. It’s all just so frustrating- we can’t get anyone to listen. Thanks for all your help and support - don’t know what we’d have done without it.
I'm seething as I read this. All I can suggest now is going public and involving press amd/or social media. How about ringing the Guardian who seem to take an interest in such matter?. ,
Maybe public embarrassment will get something moving.
Playing by the rules isn't working, so drastic measures needed!
I am attaching the Care Statutory Guidelines which clearly state Social services cannot set arbitrary limits on care plans, nor send someone to inappropriate care because it is the cheapest option.
Paras 10.17 and 11.7.
https://www.gov.uk/government/publicati ... t-planning

I really struggle to see why no one (Pals, solicitor,a dvocate, MP) seems to be willing to help you and Dad when the situation is so clear. He has capacity, he has needs, SS must meet those needs

The lack of basic human care he is receiving seems cruel and need to be officially complained about. Take photos. Heads should roll over all this.

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