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Care home fees

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Ok Bb thank you.
I'm worn out by it all as I'm sure we all are who have been in this situation .
Thanks for reply xx
http://www.independentage.org/factsheet ... n-england/

Hope the above link works, Worrywart. I found the decision of a nursing home very difficult, not helped by the financial worries. This was the clearest explanation I found of how it all works. The organisation is also very helpful if you email them.

IF mum has sufficient savings / house etc to have to d
Fund her own care, don't forget to consider a care home annuity. You pay a lump sum to guarantee the care home fees for life. Frankly it is only worth doing if mum is Expected to live for some years to come. I got a free quote but didn't do it in the end.

Ask away if you have questions. many of us have gone through this dreadful experience, Anne x
If you go to the forum search box and type in "capital disregard" you will find the information I gave in June. Good luck. I found the whole business of arranging a care home desperately draining emotionally. Promise yourself at least a weekend away soon, before winter sets in, so you can recharge both your physical and emotional "batteries".
Thank you all for your replies. It is exhausting. Plus I'm still recovering from a perforated bowel so have lots going on there too.
So she is still in hospital
In the last month I have been told she needs EMI nursing, then EMI residential then dual registered. There are no beds in any of the homes apart from one which had a big top up. I can't get any sound advice apart from online ( and here, thank you ) and it seems house will be disregarded for 12 weeks. But presumably SS will only pay up to their threshold ( less all her income ) and we would pay the top up? Not sure. Sure I also read somewhere that she cannot pay her own top up out of her savings (£15k). If this is the case ( or not ) do we have to sign the contract as my mother lacks capacity - I have poa.
She has been turned down for CHC but I have since been told the meeting should not have gone ahead owing to lack of CPN support ( my mother is in hospital out of county and that too is causing issues as to whom is responsible ).
I am confused tired and fed up, slowly turning to drink :(
This is actually an easy one! "Top ups" are unlawful. If there are no homes at the county rate, then the county must pay all, for the first 12 weeks. It's all in the CRAG rules, make sure you do not, under any circumstances sign, and n
mum lacks the mental capacity now to sign any contract lawfully. Have they done the CHC assessment now?
There is so much to know BB and I'm afraid I don't know much about this as all this has happened in the last 8 weeks.
She has had the CHC assessment but even that was a shambles. There was no CPN involved - my mother is in a hospital out of county owing to no beds in county. As she had been under a mental health team in our county, the team in the out of county refused to get involved. So the meeting went ahead and we went through the DST - maybe the involvement of a CPN would have changed the outcome. But as It stands she didn't qualify. It's all a mess.

So to recap if the only home available charges £620 ( as opposed to council rate of £480) the LA have to pay the full amount ? There are beds in one that charges no top up bit it's had awful reviews and a few ppl have told me not to put my mother there. I'm worried they will send her there regardless. I'm feel I'm fighting the world ATM . I'm nervous about signing anything as I just don't have confidence in anything to do with NHS :( maybe unfair but that's how I feel.
Thanks BB xx
Thanks BB xx
The LA will choose the cheaper one, so as that is available if you want the more expensive one, they will expect you on mum's behalf, to pay the top up. UNLESS you can make a good case against the cheap one. Is it nearer to you, for example? Have you seen their CWC report, online? If the CHC assessment wasn't conducted properly, then complain. Have a look at the rules in the framework first. Do you have POA for mum? If not, I'm not sure who can lawfully access her money?
Yes I do have POA BB , we've never used it as this decline has been so sudden. The two cheaper care homes - well one is - good 45 minute drive away in a town we never ever go to. Her sisters do not drive and we haven't family links there at all.
The other one had really bad Cwc report and a few people have told me it's not s good place. But apparently it's improved - on saying that the manager of that home has been out to see my mother and even she said she wasn't sure if my mother was 'bad enough' yet. You see my mother looks well and is only 76 - she thinks she's 46. She is confused but has moments of lucidity - in fact she is quite lucid when I'm with her. It's horrible.
Thank y for your advice BB. Xx