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self employed private carer

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i have been approached by the daughter in law of a lady with dementia to ask if i would consider being her full time carer.

this would be on a self employed basis and i would invoice her for the hours worked. she would be paying privately for the care as she doesn,t get any benefits

can anyone advise on what a fair hourly rate i should ask for would be and also anything else i need to do to become self employed.

thanks in advance
This is a forum for carers. If you are getting paid for it you are a care WORKER. Two totally different things....

sorry didnt realise, ill cancel my account
Liz, I would take a look and see what Care Agencies charge people - the one my MIL used cost something like £15 for three quarters of an hour (so I suppose that would be £20 an hour). That's a lot of money, but the care agency presumably covers things like insurance, maternity leave etc etc for their staff.

I think some members here (who, yes, are family carers, rather than professional carers/careworkers) do have experience of engaging a non-agency carer directly, so they may be along soon.

If you are self-employed, work out your costs first (eg, petrol to drive there, tax, national insurance etc), and then of course, as a care-worker/professional carer responsible for another vulnerable person as their charge, I would say you MUST have some kind of personal insurance, that covers both if YOU get injured in the course of your work (eg, if you have to lift someone, and put your back out!), or, worse, if you inadvertently cause an injury to your charge (eg, they fall while you're trying to help them), or cause damage to their property. I think it's called something like Personal Liability Insurance. The cost of that has to be covered by your hourly rate.

Then you'll have to think about holiday times. And the actual hours you work! You can't be on duty nonstop - you need clear 'time off', eg, lunch hours, weekends, etc etc. And you will probably need to have a contract between yourself and your client, setting all that out. Who will engage you? Presumably the daughter in law, if the MIL has dementia? But is legally entitled to act for her MIL, does she have Power of Attorney for welfare etc etc. Who will pay you?

In many ways, it's very attractive for a family member to hire privately someone dedicated to care for their relative, because it 'cuts out' the agency in the middle, and so should mean YOU can earn a bit more, and the employer can pay a bit LESS, but you have to both protect your own position (eg, the insurance issue!), and the employer also has to protect their position as well (supposing you steal from the house, etc etc!)

Kind regards, Jenny