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Who are we????????????? - Carers UK Forum

Who are we?????????????

Share information, support and advice on all aspects of caring.
We send our special kids to a special boarding school
We have no option but to give our child home tuition
We care round the clock for a profoundly physically and mentally disabled child,
We care for a sibling with mild learning disabilities

We care for our terminally ill son
I help my Mum after school to care for my Dad
I care alone.
And we all do all the paperwork and call ourselves a "carer".

I deal with his laundry now he is in hospital
I have less laundry now she is in hospital
I look after all of mum’s finances
I care for my parents, have three kids and work full time
I do shopping for a friend because he really isn’t feeling well
I give 24/7 palliative care to my wife and we did not see this coming
I look after my sibling now though he used to care for me
We care for each other and both claim carers allowance
I am selling Mum’s property so she can pay for her care
I do absolutely everything for him, nursing and personal care tasks included.
I fetch his prescription from the pharmacy.
I visit and take flowers
We look after Grandma who moved in with us recently
We visit my adult son who lives in a supported living flat
We check up on my sister in a nursing home
I visit my wife who is in a dedicated dementia unit
I cared alone too long?
And most of us do all the paperwork and call ourselves a carer.

I take him out for Sunday lunch and seldom let him down
I feed her only pureed food and am still concerned she may choke
I test his blood sugar first to see what he can eat
I deal with tube feeding
I organise transport for visits to surgery, chiropodist and hairdresser
I accompany him in the ambulance for hospital appointments
I serve gin and tonic and roast dinner when I bring him to visit
I struggle to keep her hydrated.
And we all do all the paperwork and call ourselves a carer.

I order her prescriptions and fetch them from the chemist
We do his shopping
I give him multiple daily injections
I give her rescue meds per rectum when she is fitting
We deal with manual bowel emptying for him
I have to inject when he is fitting
I took his urine sample to the surgery after labelling it and double wrapping it
I deal with all her continence needs
I organised telecare for them so they can summon help
I am trained to administer first aid whilst awaiting the paramedics
And we all do all the paperwork and call ourselves a carer.
I care for someone with Poor mental health
We care for someone convalescing
And most of us do the paperwork and call ourselves a carer.
The list goes on....
And they do not all visit this forum ....Nor access the professional advice from the main website here.

Ahem, hope those who can do spare a little time raising awareness and maybe raising funds for this charity. Just sayin' :roll: ;)
"Be prepared to have the worst arguments and the most laughter"
Be prepared to fight for the smallest bit of help. Be prepared to lose touch with family or friends who don’t understand why you are doing this – and be prepared for people to think they know better and to tell you what you should be doing, without ever offering to actually help.
Be prepared to love more than you have ever had to love before – while doing a nurse or care workers job with little financial support, no holidays and no recognition. Be prepared to have the worst arguments and the most laughter you’ve ever had in your life while sober. And be prepared to eventually grieve like only another carer will be able to understand.

(No not my words.....nicked from Main site. Sums this caring lark up quite well, me thinks)
So many of those comments have applied to me in the last 40 years. I've had ten carees, from my newborn niece, after my Egyptian sister in law went back to her family, leaving the baby with me for months, to my 87 year old mum. I've wrecked my health in the process too. Why? There was no choice. I can't turn my back on a family member in need, because I have a conscience. I like to go to bed at night knowing that I have done the best I could. I always do my best I can, whether it's washing the kitchen floor or sewing a skirt, or doing accounts or running a show. That's the way I like to live. What really bugs me is when I have to deal with well paiid officials supposedly helping us carers who really couldn't give a damn.
BB. Such a heartfelt, well said reply!
I feel the same about doing my very best for family and good friends. Im not sure I've done my best re the house hold chores the last year? Haven't had the motivation or energy. Very very slowly changing.
Sometimes I wonder how you have actually kept going!
We are the glue that binds our families when all is falling apart, the silent and often overlooked support that makes sure our loved one/friends are cared for regardless of our own needs. Many of us appear in the eyes of those who have no clue as super hero's, almost invincible, If only they could look at things through our eyes for a day. We make the sacrifices that most couldn't even consider making for one reason only, Love !!. Though many of us do this without question and just deal with the day to day tasks like it's second nature, we all learned as we go along and most never got trained to do the jobs we now can. We are the comfort and sometimes a shield to those who have lost their voice or just to scared to speak. All of the many small things we do daily all come at a cost to our own lives, some may only be small yet others can affect us so massively it changes the way we live. Even knowing how much it drains us, wears us down, makes us cry, It's those special moments where you see them smile as you walk into the room or laugh when most of the time all you get is the cold silence. We may not be invincible, strong or unshakable like many think we are. But we have a heart so big it can move mountains, love someone so much it could burst the heavens and not only chase our own dreams but aim to make others dreams a reality too.
bumping this one, sorry I know bumping is Bad Form really.

When I wrote the ORiginal Post here I had racked my brains (note that I have more one brain, tend to keep the spare in That CupBoard under the Stairs -in the hope that my first brain will remember where it is) to cover as many as "caring situations" as I could.

If I have omitted any please feel free to add them here. I am curious.