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care givers agreements ????

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Good morning all ,has anyone heard of or better still does anyone have a care givers agreement .Relationships within the family have broken down and we as care givers to my mum-in-law are having massive finanical problems ,and wondered if this would help ? :angry:
Can you tell us a bit more about MIL? You don't have to look after her. The only power she has over you is the poweryou let her have.
caregivers? Are you by any chance based in the US? No,problem, just curious.
Sorry can't answer your question, frankly dumbo here doesn't know what you mean. Xx :)
Family carers should NOT be out of pocket for looking after a relative! The person needing care should be able to fund their own care, even if that includes paying for the expenses incurred by whoever in the family is looking after them. It is perfectly legal to 'take money' from a caree (person getting the care) to cover your expenses, and no other relative can object.

Make a list of what you spend. This can include 'rent' , eg, if your MIL is living with you, as well as her share of the electricity bill, etc, and for things like petrol, if you take her to doctor's appointments, and for the food she eats, etc etc. Charging for your 'labour' (time you spend looking after her exclusively) should also be perfectly OK - I mean, if YOU don't do it, she'd have to pay a professional nurse/home help, whatever!

The relatives who are NOT providing any care (or maybe a lot less than you do??) have absoalutely no business complaining if your MIL pays you for what you do! They can take a hike! If they think they can do it more cheaply themselves, then let them!

The only other way of doing it is to keep totting up all that you are expending on your MIL's care, and then adding the total sum to whatever your husband's share of the estate will be, when it is finally divided up after her death - ie, YOU get more, his siblings get LESS (because they did less for her!)

Also remember that your assets/savings do NOT need to be taken into account, if it comes to your MIL paying her own way in, say a care home! It's not your obligation to pay for her.

If you are in the UK, then you probably know that your MIL has to pay for her own care (eg, residential care) until her assets/savings are down to £23,000 - after which the state (local council) steps in. YOU do not have to pay. You can if you want - but you don't legally have to! It's entirely at your discretion.

What's the problem in your particular situation with your husband's family?