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Rights as a Carer?-I feel like a victim. - Carers UK Forum

Rights as a Carer?-I feel like a victim.

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Hi folks,
Well, it's now one year on since I became a full time carer. The caring side I can deal with, however the financial side is such a culture shock and now I just feel like I'm being bullied and victimised. The banks offer no sympathy or relief-has anyone else had a similar experience?

I have a simple loan of £3.5k outstanding with the bank, however I have no savings and my sole income this last year has been CA & IS. Throughout the duration of this year and despite a repayment agreement through the CCCS, the bank have continued to add interest at the same level as when I was working. They've been awful to deal with. I'm now out the point of considering making myself a bankrupt.

Has anyone had any kind of similar experience? Can the bank keep raping me of my benefits? Why should I be forced to become a bankrupt? Is there any protection for carer's I can quote back at them?

Love to hear from someone with some guidance or just some words of comfort.

Thanks Image
Hi Mullington, talk to your local C,A,B. What you could also do is write to your mp, and also the papers who have Money columns. Also go higher than the loan department, at least Director level, do not be scared to do this, let them know you will go to the papers etc.
Did you have payment protection. Was it needed missold. The Banks have a bad reputation now, even complain to the financial services ombudsman. Good luck.
Having EXISTED on CA and IS as sole income for two hellish years,I went back to work and now juggle work and my caring role.

I echo the CAB and MP comments.Good sence.

I doubt youll get very far with the bank.

BUT do push your mp on this issue.
became carer 1997 the first few years ok ... but as the years role by the financial problems get worse .. every penny that comes in goes out , the banks call them tidal accounts.thats why we need an increase in the carers allowance ........not help to return to work and still be a carer when at home RESTING / SLEEPING.....thats what you do after work ....if it`s a bank loan tell the bank to extend the length of the loan , or take out an I.V.A. be honest with the bank tell them if they dont help, you will just become bankrupt and they will get nothing , but whatever you do it will of course affect your credit rating in the future , even if you just ask for help / info...
Cheers folks,
I've written back and essentially said you won't get anything if I go bankrupt. God forbid if I was the sick person here-would they still pursue me to the ends of the earth Image
Last year I took daughters bank to Financial Ombudsman and we won our case, even got compensation for myself as a third party which does not happen very often. It was only £100 but was the principle.

Like the others have said it is vital you get advice. CAB has been suggested, Carersline could advise too and there is also National Debtline whom I found extremely helpful.

Good luck with this.

I got into dept a few years ago.
I contacted each creditor and explained my situation, I could have declared bankruptcy, but didn't want to go down that route.
The creditors asked what I could afford to pay back each month, we came to an agreement and also each one froze the interest.
One was totally paid off just 4 days ago Image (£5 per month)
I can echo the sentiments of everyone thats posted in this thread! I had to give up work in Jan this year when my son was discharged from hospital and juggling finances is a nightmare. Carers allowance is not enough.

Contacting CAB is most defo a good idea.
i would look at a debt relief order which is better than going bankrupty also cheaper than it too it does the same thing and clears your outstanding debt. cab will help or look online. i think its £90 to do.
Thanks for the advice folks Image