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Today's Guardian , and like most articles , does not make good reading : ... in-england
Report highlights failings of home care services in England

Healthwatch England finds people going weeks without showers and cared for by workers unable to make a bed
A taster :

One home care user in Redcar and Cleveland said: “Sometimes they give me a shower but they go over their time. Most of the time they haven’t got the time to give me one so I go a couple of weeks without one and that is not right. I feel dirty.”

A woman in her 80s told Healthwatch Bradford her care workers were unable to boil an egg or make the bed, while another said staff needed to be taught “home care common sense”.

A care user in Barnet, north London, said: “I am diabetic and sometimes carers are late or don’t show up and that really affects my medications and insulin administration.”

Degrees of platitude from the various Suits quoted in the article.

As usual , just how many of the Powers to Be received such services , and able to comment FIRST HAND on the experiences ?

Throughout the Social Care sector , no end users make the decisions , either in the service providers or supporting organisations .

If the inmates don't run the asylum , what else do you expect ?
I could write a book on this subject!
Yesterday, I wrote a summary of what had happened to my son since he left residential care. It made sorry reading. 11 years of my life largely taken up with constant problems with care agencies. He's had six agencies now, all exactly the same. Staff unable to keep proper records.
How difficult is it to fill in a form giving the date, amount spent, and a signature.
How difficult can it be to peel vegetables, read a recipe, and use a casserole?
How difficult can it be to go for a walk in the New Forest?
How difficult can it be to read the paper and plan activities accordingly, in the middle of a tourist area not far from Bournemouth?

Answer: Too difficult. Easier to go in the garden for a smoke
Easier to play with your mobile phone
Easier to sit on the settee and watch TV!

All these agencies are registered with CQC.