In a report today they claim that dementia & alzheimers cases will double over the next 10-20 years this is a problem that the N.H.S. can not cope with people with dementia alzheimers do not get the help they need from the N.H.S. even if they are placed within the residential care home system the N.H.S. refuses to fund their medical care some families have won their claim against the N.H.S. re funding but it is case by case .
The government should once again look at the value that carers can bring to the table re long term care for a family member who may have dementia or alzheimers if the elderly disabled person has the benefit of a family member who is as ive said before able and capable of providing full time 24/7 care we should be not encouraged but supported in our choice if we wish to care for our elderly disabled relatives .
To place someone who has dementia or alzheimers within the residential social care system it costs on average £25-000 per year yet if they were able to remain within their own home the cost is attendance allowance £3-500 per year carers alowance £2-400 per year sure we do get other help from the N.H.S. but the savings we can and do make are massive this is more proof that we as carers do save the state cash and we should be rewarded for the work we do and the savings we make for the state .