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Anone know about cervical spondylosis? - Carers UK Forum

Anone know about cervical spondylosis?

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Hello and Happy New Year!

Sorry I have not been on the boards for months, it's been a busy time, loads to do with my kid who is my caree, so to speak. I have tried to follow what's going on here and hope you are all keeping OK. If any of you have any tips for me to manage my own health I'd be ever so grateful!

I wondered if there were any of you who knew about cervical spondylosis? I've been diagnosed about a year but haven't actually managed any treatment apart from drugs yet. I am getting anti-inflammatories and then recently some stuff to stop them upsetting my stomach. I tried co-codamol which didn't do much and made me sleepy and take the odd valium if it's very painful to relax my muscles - this works but as a carer I can't afford to spend the time feeling doped up. I've spoken to the GP who says I can try tramodol after I was in real pain after falling over in the snow. I'm not keen on taking long term medication either.

Just wondered what to expect from the system - physiotherapy would be nice but there's a saga - I'm having trouble accessing things as they all offer 6 week courses and I can't commit to that because of being a carer. The hydrotherapist said why not go once or twice and then drop out but I don't think that's enough and I'm concerned that in accepting but then not attending all the classes I'll just ruin my chances of getting any other sort of help. They have already turned me down for the physio pilates classes as I can't guarantee to get there from week to week.

Has anone else managed the system better than me and have any tips?? Any advice welcome. XXX Jess
hi jess, all i can say that i tried acupuncture and that did not help. when i finally reached the top of the NHS physio list i was luckier than you and was able to attend for some weeks and it certainly helped considerably. They did give me print out of excersises to do, so maybe they could give you these to work on at home when you are able,but they do have to be done on a daily basis.

Just to say my daughter has to take Tramadol, and it is a very powerful drug which makes one very spaced out.

good luck, i know just how painful this condition is. you have my sympathy.
Hi Pamr, thanks for your reply. I'll not be taking a first dose of tramadol when I've got to drive anywhere then Image ! Feel spaced out enough without drugs. I did see a physio but she referred me on to the hydrotherapist, so I guess I just missed the treatment bit. Saw a physio and did get exercises a year or more before I was diagnosed and still do some of them, the ones that don't hurt, now I have a diagnosis I may need some new versions. Having read other posts here I know I can't complain as there are people in a much worse state than me. GP is doing her best and I'm sure I'm not gracious about it all and must be a horrible patient. I think I don't want to hear that they actually can't really do anything to help except drugs as I hate even taking an aspirin if I can avoid it. Stupid thing is that I have been in real pain for several days until about two hours ago and suddenly I feel absolutely fine. Hope it lasts. XX, Jess