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Pre Getaway whinge

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Well here we go again- yes I am looking forward to my break but am feeling totally cream crackered preparing for it as usual. The invasion is about to commence, probably 4 carers a day as anti biotics likely, District Nurse probably back to daily visits, lunches being delivered every day, pharmacy dropping things in, and helicopters "supervising" occasionally. I might just leave a big "Open" notice on the gate post.
The preparation seems endless , sweeping the house of anything "confidential" frantic tidy up, extra gardener visits while I am here to keep on top of things, organising extra food- picky bits because Dad won't eat what is delivered, getting everything as up to date as I can, chasing prescriptions, trying to find time for dad as he won't have me next week. Organising all of above and relaying to helicopters for their critique. They don't live here but when I am away they take over and move all MY stuff-grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr :evil:
I'm feeling a bit anti social and friend has offered to drive up separately and spend a day with me "to keep me company"- more organising, more arrangements- all I want to do is escape quietly on my own with my dog and switch everything off for the week.
Rant over- I will enjoy my break :roll:
Yes you will enjoy your break!
How rude of helicopters to move your stuff!! Pity they don't move their bums more often to help you.
I always found getting ready for a holiday stressful. Some people love it but I didn't. Wish I could have that stress now to have another holiday with hubby. Alas, will never be.
Sorry but back for the second whinge of the evening. How come helicopter arrived earlier and got an hour or more of sensible conversation. Bedtime arrives and I have just had over half an hour of total dementia jibberish around the usual topic of tv remote .
This morning Dad woke me up by calling me at 5.30 to ask me if I had slept well !
Don't apologise. I wish I knew the answer to 'lucid' to jibberish and back again? Confabulations. In my head I could scream. How come hubby is so convincing that he had completed a long march this morning but is immobile. I totally understand your frustrations. It's probably harder for you at the moment because you are nearing your much deserved and needed break xx
I think the ups and downs are very hard to understand for people not involved in care. It is so frustrating that the helicopters think I am exagerating the " lost the plot" periods that they never see.
For your husband, perhaps he is going back to happier or more exciting times, so as they say every cloud...etc, at least he is not getting too bored and frustrated with inactivity.
Oh I agree. He's a very busy man! It's a topic of conversation on my visits. Touch wood it's always something interesting, or hard work etc. When he had delirium it was awful. Horrible hallucinations. Hadn't had diagnosis then so that was much much worse. Tried to convince him it was medication etc. No point.
However, its infuriating that your 'helicopters' just do not see or understand the difficulties of coping with 'lost the plot' times. How heartbreaking it is. Nobody wants to witness it. Coping together would make such a difference.
You can hold your head high( if you are not too tired!) Be proud of yourself.