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Hi All,
Hope you all had a good carers week.I had some money off vouchers for Superdrug,I went in to use it and they asked me for my Carers Membership card,I don't have one should I.I have been a carer since last January,I don't remember ever having one. Who or where do I get one from? Many thanks Sonia xxx
i used mine no ask for proof. perhaps ask matt or gavin about a membership card. i had mine when i joined..
Sonia did they still let you use the vouchers?
Oh dear - weston super mud - there is such a (mythical) reputation of everyone being on a con or scamming that maybe we should be surprised that they didn't ask for your birth cert, passport and doctors letter! Image
Locum at the walk in centre there once refused my daughter pain killers - obviously he had been warned that all patients would be junkies looking for a source! He actually made her wait till our surgery opened on the monday!
Such is life by the mudside! Image
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There is an emergency carers card that can be applied for from local authorities. Plus some local centres have them too. You also get a membership card when you join Carers UK .
Well I've not had any membership card, from Carers UK, Devon Carers Link, Carers Poverty Alliance or the other Devon based Carers Social Services one who's name escapes me at present. ( Their coming to access Jill's bathroom needs as she's having trouble using the bath. Might have a walk in shower fitted?)
So far I've not had cause to use them, but will try today. Think I'll take my Carers UK membership letter with me just in case. Image


Ahem, CORRECTION!! I do have a CUK Membership card, I just dont look properly. Image
What I meant was, do we need a card to prove that we're carers? Why did they ask for a 'membership' card in the first place?
The supermarkets don't ask for cards when you hand over money-off vouchers, do they? that's what I don't understand, why ask for a card?
Hmm, why would they ask for a CUK membership card or was it something from CUK?
Not all carers are members of CUK, but I have a card.
I just used my CUK Card but they didn't ask for it. I was their first customer using the Carers 10% discount and they hadn't a clue what they were doing!! Even the till wouldn't accept the coupon when it was scanned, so they had to put it in manually. Big queue behind me Image

Used the vouchers last year without being asked for proof of entitlement.

Didn`t get any vouchers this year, and am miffed as I had a list for Superdrug ongoing for a while expecting the discount vouchers to arrive. Last year i got my stamps for Christmas as well and got the discount off them too.

Take care