Hi all. I am 18 and my grandma (aged 83) has last year suffered a series of strokes which has left her unable to walk and without her independence. Prior to this she lived in her own flat but now lives in a nursing centre; a totally different environment than she has ever been used to. My grandma suffers from short-term memory loss so often gets confused. Since her strokes she has drastically decreased in weight (she was upwards of 13 stone, now around 8 stone 11) and she never seems to want to eat. I do realise that a side effect of a stroke can be a loss of tastebuds.

I do occasionally feel upset when visiting her knowing how dependant she is on others now and often feel frustrated that I can't help her more.

I do try to see her 3 three times a week and whilst there I always prepare her following days clothes, encourage her to eat and drink and talk to her about what is going on, etc.

Are there any tips on what sort of flavoursome food I could encourage my grandma with? And
should I have more of an increase in her care if I am feeling guilty of her being in care?