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Car Insurance

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Thanks all,
We've managed to find one at £2,600 putting in different scenarios as suggested, but that's still an impossibility for us.
It maybe wouldn't be so bad if Hubs was still driving, we could just add Son to the policy, but I can't see his Absences being sorted any time soon Image

Susie, I am going to try ringing round at some point this week, you never know, we might drop lucky!

I suggested a mobility scooter for now (that went down well)..... but a tractor sounds like more fun Image Image

Ahh well, at least S has got the job done, I'll just keep putting the lesson money away until we have enough for insurance!
Thanks all
My eldest son bought a tractor from his savings when he was just 12 years old, passed his test on his 16th birthday (in the days before theory tests) and drove it to school - which turned him into a hero. Even now he's 33, I'm asked if he's still got the tractor, which he has. It's a Fordson very similar to the one in the picture, only now fitted with a 4 wheel drive kit, and a very powerful Boughton winch. If the weather is bad at a steam rally, he's always much in demand, especially as he's used to moving our own steam engines around with it. His first Land Rover cost £800 to insure the first year, and they wanted the money up front, no instalment plans, because he was under 18, they wouldn't even let us pay by instalments for him. Why are young drivers so expensive to insure? They can be reckless. I was nearly killed by an 18 year old driver who came round a corner, my side of the road, sliding sideways straight towards me, and I had nowhere to go. Only the fact that I was driving a Range Rover saved my life, but my knees were never the same again. Lorries are fitted with speed limiters which mean they can only do 56 mph and I sometimes think that young drivers should have cheaper insurance if they had limiters fitted for 40mph? When we lived in Australia, newly qualified drivers had severe restrictions on what they were allowed to do.
That's a lovely story about your son and his tractor, bowlingbun. Image

Seriously though, sturdygirl, I share your pain.
Both my sons passed their tests first time within weeks of each other a few years ago. Fortunately, both were working in reasonably good jobs but even then, both had to take out their insurance in monthly instalments, their insurances being some £2,800.00 each for their small, simple basic cars, much more than their cars were worth. Ridiculous.

Bowlingbun's idea of speed limiters is a good one but unfortunately not practical because limiters can and will be bypassed. I remember in my day (During the War....... LOL OK, not quite! Image ) when mopeds were restricted to a max. speed of 30MPH and a max. kerbside weight, my friends were illegally boring the piston cylinder to increase the max. 50cc and adding larger piston rings, and boring out the restricting exhaust outlet to allow speeds of 50MPH or more. And speaking of lorry drivers limited to 56MPH - Pffftttt! I've seen many lorries on the motorways doing way more than this, and yes, UK lorries too. (Continental lorries aren't restricted)

I disagree with the reasons for such a steep insurance. Just because some "Boy Racers" existed, they hiked the insurance prices but not all young lads are Boy Racers. Likewise, insurance is cheaper for female drivers because they are considered safer and more considerate drivers? TOSH! I've known a few female drivers to be right "Boy Racers" too and lets face it, we all know the stigma with erm... ahem... "Wimmin Drivers", ain't that right, fellas? (Ducks outta way of flying objects thrown by irate female members of this forum!) Image

The point of the last paragraph - never tar all young drivers with the same brush.
Of course limiters can be over ridden or "tweaked" but anyone found to do this can end up in serious trouble. On our local radio recently someone suggested 21 as a minimum age for taking the test, but some young people really need to be able to drive. My son was doing an apprenticeship at Bournemouth Airport, about 15 miles away. He did have a 50cc motorbike for the first year and he would get absolutely soaked to the skin, so really needed a car, there was no option of public transport. He was also about 6ft 4" and 15 stone, 50 cc barely adequate! Like everything else in life, the few can spoil it for the many.
Just a quick grumble....try coverbox insurance or insure the box they are usally pretty good

We were so proud of our Son for passing his Driving Test, but the elation has quickly passed...
We have been looking for insurance for him, and the cheapest we can find works out at £4,000! Image

Bearing in mind, that this is for a really old cheap banger just to see him through his first 12 months. We put in the search random makes/models just to get an idea.

How on earth is an 18 year old supposed to pay that? Or us for that matter?

Bl**dy ridiculous

On our local radio recently someone suggested 21 as a minimum age for taking the test
There's been loads of suggestions to changing the test rules over the years, including changing the age limit. Others have been :- limiting the size of the car they can drive (which is already limited by insurance now anyway), not being allowed to drive alone for the first year or 2, not being allowed to drive after dusk for 2 years and not being allowed on the Motorway until they take and pass another test, rather like PassPlus, and so on.
Yet so far, nothing has ever been done.